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Trifocal Lenses in Turkey

Trifocal Lenses in Turkey

What are Trifocal Lenses?

This type of lens is the most common among the three lenses used in practice. These toric trifocal lenses are implanted through a small incision (minimally invasive) at the edge of the cornea. These lenses allow you to see clearly, far, near and mid-distance. The trifocal lens has a unique feature compared to other intraocular lenses. This feature is that it has three focal points. However, they provide optimum visibility at a near and far distance, as well as at a medium distance. It is generally accepted that this average distance for our eyes is from 60 to 80 cm. It is also related to computer work, reading of price tags or visual contact in conversation situations.

The UV filter provides additional protection against harmful effects on the retina and prevents damage to the eye. But above all, it seems to provide a better sense of contrast, for example when you drive.

Which patients choose this lens?

Trifocal lenses are used in cataract patients and sometimes in patients with high glasses numbers without cataracts. The treatment is done by removing the lens in the eye and replacing it with an artificial lens. This artificial lens, placed in the eye, is permanent. It can remain in the eye for life. In addition, it is preferred in patients over the age of 40 who do not want to wear glasses again.

Advantages Trifocal lenses

Trifocal lenses provide many advantages to the patient. This benefit is generally as follows:

  • No matter what distance your vision defect is at, you will not need glasses after this operation.
  • It is much more cost-effective than patients who have to use glasses.
  • It allows you to see sharply regardless of your eye disease.

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Before trifocal lenses operation

In cataract surgery, the natural lens of the eye is removed and a trifocal lens is placed in its place. These lenses are for life. The surgical technique applied while wearing these lenses is cataract surgery performed with phacoemulsification method, which has the highest success rate in the world. It is performed with drops and mild sedatives are applied in patients who wish. Patients are discharged after surgery.

Your doctor will perform your medical tests before the operation. If you are taking blood thinners, tell your doctor and take this medicine under the supervision of a doctor. However, your doctor may ask you to stop taking the medicine one week before the operation. Remember not to inform your doctor about your chronic diseases.

After trifocal lenses operation

It is not recommended to replace intraocular lenses again unless there is a medical disease. For this reason, the decision to place which lens to put before cataract surgery is an important and once-in-one decision. Trifocal lens application is not suitable for every patient. Therefore, choosing the right lens for the patient is very important.

Smart lens patients should be evaluated in detail before surgery, and both the general condition and eye structure of the patient should be handled very carefully. When the appropriate patient is fitted by experienced surgeons, the postoperative success and patient satisfaction rate is very high.

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Trifocal Lenses in Turkey FAQ

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You can return to your country after the trifocal lens operation. But it would be better to stay here for two or three days for the risk of developing a complication. After a day, if everything is in order, you can return to your country.

You need to be here on the day of the operation. You do not need to arrive a few days before the operation. But if you have planned a tour here, you can arrive earlier.

The upper part of the lens corrects the distance vision. However, the middle of the lens corrects the intermediate vision. The lower part of the lens corrects close vision. There are also different types of lenses in the lens. These can correct vision for three distances without different lines.

It takes you a few days to adjust to wearing this lens. It is normal that you have an adjustment time for this. You need to wear your glasses as often as possible to speed up your adjustment time.

Yes. Some of the rings focus light far, some focus on the middle distance, and some on the close distance. In other words, the trifocal lens breaks down the incoming light into pieces and enables to see far-medium-close distances. For this reason, the person may sometimes feel a decrease in the quality of distance vision.

Progressive lenses have more than one power in the lens itself. Therefore, it is similar to bifocal and trifocal lenses. There’s a physical line that changes based on where you look at the lens. There is no such line on progressive lenses.

According to a 2017 study of the meta-analyzing literature comparing the clinical performance of the two lens types, trifocals were found to provide better intermediate vision than multifocals with two focal points.

It would not be right to give a certain price for smart lenses. Because these prices vary according to the brand of lenses, your doctor’s experience, and the quality of the health center.

An increasing number of people are choosing progressive lenses over trifocals. But trifocals tend to offer a better peripheral field of view than progressives, especially for reading or working at a computer.

Trifocal lens is the name given to trifocal intraocular lenses. It provides clear vision at far, near and medium distances. The natural lens in the eye, or lens in other words, loses its transparency over time. However, it also loses its flexibility and deterioration in vision begins at long distances.

Monofocal lenses provide focusing for a single distance. But multifocal lenses allow vision at various distances. These can correct both near, medium and long distance. It is also a more popular option for those who want to eliminate the addiction to glasses.

Usually, patients get used to the trifocal lens within 2-4 weeks. This period can sometimes take up to 6 weeks. The process differs from patient to patient.