Hollywood Smile in Turkey

Hollywood Smile in Turkey

What is Hollywood Smile?

The teeth must be in balance with one another and with the face for an attractive smiling. There are many parameters for this:

  • The spacing between teeth being sized in accordance with a specific golden ratio
  • There would be no gap between the teeth.
  • Symmetrical gums surrounding the teeth.
  • Gums visible at a certain distance from under the lips in the smiling position.
  • The number of teeth visible in the smiling position is at an optimal level.
  • Symmetrical arrangement of teeth according to the midline.
  • Healthy gums. Every letter that sounds when speaking, hitting the teeth, sounds correct and phonation must be correct.

The color and shape of the teeth, the position of the lips, and the skin color are important in making this design which will be different for each person. To reach it, needed measurements, photography, videos and also x-rays are taken.

Hollywood Smile Methods

There are few different procedures to reach the aesthetic smile patients desire. These are:

  • Gingivectomy
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Implant Treatment
  • Zirconia Crown
  • Lumineers
  • Pink aesthetic


Gingivectomy can be summarized as lengthening the gingival tissue with a surgical intervention. This process is also known as 'tooth lengthening' or 'gum shortening' among the people. Within the scope of this procedure, which can be performed both in order to obtain a more aesthetically beautiful tooth appearance and to treat various gum diseases, the gum tissue must be intervened. Thanks to the process based on the shaping of the gum tissues around the tooth, it is also possible to obtain a more aesthetically beautiful smile. It should be noted that the intervention in question must be performed by periodondists who the experts in the field of gum diseases are.

Sometimes, even if the teeth are brushed after feeding, food particles can remain between the gums. This may be due to the structure or shape of the gums. In such cases, gingivectomy may be required to prevent damage to both teeth and gums. Just the fact that the gums are excessively visible while speaking or laughing can be enough for this process to come into play.
In dentistry, gingivectomy can be applied for different purposes. Among these purposes, we can say that 3 factors come to the fore.


When the gums appear more than they should when laughing or talking, it can create an aesthetically unpleasant image. In such cases, gingivectomy is performed. In order for a smile to look aesthetically pleasing, the gums should appear approximately 2 mm. If it appears more, patients apply to the dentist due to aesthetic concerns. You can also benefit from this process to make the gums look beautiful and in the required amount. For this purpose, the gums in the area of the upper anterior teeth are mostly intervened.


In order for the tooth to be functionally corrected, it may sometimes be necessary to extend its length up to the gingival level. In such cases, we can say that the mentioned operation can be done. The fact that the tooth is much more functional is one of the common purposes of this procedure.

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Growth in Gums

If the patients have a fibrotic, thick biotype, the enlargement of the gums should be tolerated. We can say that gingivoplasty surgery can be preferred together with gingivectomy. Enlargement of the gums is not a very common problem.

Teeth Whitening

It is everyone's desire to have a white and beautiful smile. The most important detail necessary for a beautiful smile is white teeth. People with pearly white teeth are rare, though. In addition, discoloration of the teeth for various reasons is a major obstacle to having the desired smile. Even if the teeth are brushed regularly, discoloration related to the structure of the teeth cannot be prevented.

The fact that the tooth color is not the desired whiteness affects the daily life of the person negatively. People cannot laugh to the fullest, and they have to hide their mouths while taking pictures or talking. The appearance of the teeth, shape and color disorders in the teeth cause loss of self-confidence in most people and can even lead to psychological problems.

By employing the bleaching technique to get rid of tooth discoloration, you can have whiter teeth. You can achieve more aesthetic smiles with whitened teeth.

One of the most popular aesthetic dental treatment options is the process a dentist uses to whiten teeth. The teeth are not harmed by the teeth-whitening treatment. It is a quick, dependable, and efficient technique. It is more economical, easy, and effortless than other restorative methods. Preparations applied to the surfaces of the teeth with the whitening process remove the factors that cause the darkening of the teeth from the structure of the teeth.

Following tartar treatment, cleaning your teeth is extremely different from teeth whitening. The teeth-whitening process can lighten the natural color of the tooth by 2 to 3 tons. The teeth whitening process can be applied as 'office bleaching' applied by the physician in the office environment and home bleaching applied by the patient at home under the control of the dentist.

Compared to porcelain veneers, teeth whitening is an easy, reliable, economical, and more protective procedure because it does not corrode the teeth.

Dental Implants

Artificial teeth that resemble natural teeth are called dental implants. Our teeth are completed at the age of 12-13 and are not renewed again. Our teeth, which are exposed to many external influences throughout life, can be lost for many reasons such as caries, gum diseases, etc. Missing teeth, although often overlooked, are actually organ losses. Tooth loss was eliminated with bridges and removable prostheses in the past. Thanks to the implant treatment, which has been widely applied in the last 20 years, much easier and healthier treatments can be performed. Bridge therapy has some disadvantages. In this treatment, the teeth that will be bridged are cut and reduced. This can cause cavities to form from the cut border of the teeth in the long term. Another disadvantage of the bridge is that the loads of missing teeth are placed on the intact teeth. These disadvantages have been eliminated thanks to the implant. In implant treatment, the artificial tooth root, which is made of titanium by imitating the tooth root, is placed in the jawbone. It is painless and done while receiving local anaesthetic. This process usually takes between 15-30 minutes. If many implants are to be made in a single session, the time may be longer.

After implant surgery, the person can leave the clinic on his own and drive. The effect of anesthesia lasts about 2-3 hours. A slight pain may be experienced in the evening and for a few days after the implants are applied, but this pain is relieved with simple painkillers. In very few cases, swelling and severe pain are observed after the procedure. After a few days, the person can continue his normal daily life. If immediate loading will not be performed, the implants will remain in the jawbone for 2-3 months and will be expected to fully fuse with the bone. At this stage, the teeth are not yet made. At the end of the waiting period, teeth are placed on the implants. This stage lasts for about 1 week and the person regains their teeth. In some cases, prostheses can be made immediately after placement of the implants.

Zirconia Crown

Crowns are the most common type of dental veneer used today. Metal-supported and non-metal-supported dental veneers are separated into two categories. For patients who require a more aesthetically pleasing smile, dentists also offer additional aesthetic treatment modalities. Due to these aesthetic requirements, zirconium substructure treatment, a more aesthetic approach to dentistry, is more widely used. Zirconium, a white material used to make teeth, is treated in specific furnaces to create zirconia ceramic rather than in its original mineral form. Zirconium dental crowns belong to the category of metal-free veneers and provide a more realistic appearance than veneers supported by metal.

Since the light transmittance of zirconium tooth crowns is higher than metal-supported crowns, You won't experience issues like future black color reflection from the gingival edge, which is conceivable with metal-coated porcelain teeth, because it doesn't produce a dark color on the gums. In addition to this, zirconium dental crowns also provides a healthier, more transparent and more natural appearance thanks to the fact that the zirconium allows the light to pass through, the dull appearance that may occur on the teeth disappears, and the teeth get the closest appearance to their original state. Zirconium coating is essential for your gum health in addition to giving you an attractive and natural appearance. Because zirconium crowns are more compatible with the gums, and the gum disease around the teeth with zirconium crowns is less likely than metal-supported crowns.

For people who are heat-resistant, and allergic to metal, zirconium crowns are the best type of dental care. The matte appearance of the tooth is eliminated due to zirconium’s ability to transmit light, giving teeth a more attractive and natural appearance. Hot and cold sensitivity is not present in those who have zirconium tooth covering. It is also more resilient than metal teeth, and because of how natural-looking it looks, it is more popular for front teeth. Zirconium reduces stains brought on by smoking or other factors, does not create foul breath, gum issues, or altered taste in the mouth.

Lumineers Application

Using a technique called lumineers, just the front surfaces of the teeth are thinned by 0.3 to 0.7 mm, with the least possible loss of viable tooth tissue. This thinned area will then have porcelain dental laminates bonded to it. It is applied for the cases such as:

  • In highly discolored teeth that cannot be achieved with teeth whitening,
  • In teeth that are structurally unsound and ill-shaped,
  • Joining split teeth (diastema closure),

Beyond that It can be used as a cosmetic option to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, to repair damaged or worn teeth, to fix existing fillings whose color and structure have deteriorated, and to restore broken or worn teeth (as an alternative to orthodontic treatment).

The advantages of the Lumineers applications are:

  • A minor abrasion of 0.3 to 0.7 mm is sufficient to produce the required effect. An average of 7 to 10 days are required for processing.
  • They are made of long-lasting, colorfast materials.
  • Having the aesthetic features (color, shape, etc.) you want without spoiling the natural structure of your teeth can be achieved with lumineers. Either no changes are done to the tooth, or very minor adjustments are made. The tooth can only have 0.3 to 0.7 mm of material removed.
  • Your unsatisfactory teeth are copied, and a pattern is then shaped on them. In other words, the modification to be made to the teeth might be demonstrated at the start of the procedure before the intervention on the teeth.
  • Because porcelain surfaces are smooth, stains from smoking and other causes are less likely to appear.
  • It doesn't change color when exposed to outside influences like coffee, tea, or cigarettes.
  • It has high resistance to abrasion.

Pink Aesthetic

Gum aesthetics (pink aesthetic) is a treatment method that aims to correct the deformities of the gums and to bring the gums to the position and standards they should be, as well as the teeth. The treatment of gingival disorders, which negatively affect both our social and professional lives in our daily lives, has gained popularity in recent days.

There is no age limit in gingival aesthetics. It can be applied to anyone who is suitable for tooth structure and gingival treatment with peace of mind. Gum aesthetics can be applied to those who have unhealthy gums, those who have excessive gums when they smile, and those who have gum recession problems.

If the gums are too visible when smiling, the color of the gums is not satisfied, the gums are stained, if the gum levels have different dimensions compared to the teeth, aesthetic operation can be applied.

Before the gingiva is formed, the residues, and tartar on the teeth are cleaned. The teeth are anesthetized with local anesthesia. After numbing the patient's gums with local anesthesia, the excess parts of the gums are cut with auxiliary equipment and a laser device, and the gums are reshaped.

Before Hollywood Smile Operation

Hollywood smile application has a varying number of sessions for each patient. The first session is also an examination, and there are procedures such as;

  • The digital dimensions of the teeth are obtained by means of a 3D intraoral scanner,
  • Photos are taken,
  • The patient's appropriate design is determined,
  • The digital smile design is made with the help of the 3Shape intraoral scanner,
  • Then, when the agreed design is finished, its appearance is shown to the patient.

When the patient's second appointment date comes, operations are performed on the gums and teeth. Temporary teeth are used by taking digital measurements of the teeth with a 3D intraoral scanner. When it comes to the last appointment, the coating designed specifically for the patient is tried and the treatment is completed if the patient accepts it. Since the treatment is personal, necessary arrangements can be made if the patient does not give consent. The trial phase is used for this. If the arrangement is minor, it can be applied in the same session. However, if there are major changes, a new session is needed.

After Hollywood Smile Operation

After smiling aesthetic applications, toothpastes with abrasive properties should not be used and wrong tooth brushing habits should be changed. Otherwise, scratches may occur on the surface of the teeth. For this reason, teeth should be brushed 2 or 3 times a day with non-abrasive fluoride toothpastes. Dental floss should be used regularly in order to ensure that the procedures performed on the teeth are long-lasting, to clean the remaining plaque on the teeth and to prevent tooth decay. It is very important to provide oral hygiene with non-alcoholic mouthwashes. Eating foods high in sugar and biting and chewing hard objects should be avoided.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey Process



Duration of treatment

6-8 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

3 Days

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1 Week

Hollywood Smile Cost in Turkey

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  • Cost for laboratory
  • Medication and Equipment
  • All round VIP transfer
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Hollywood Smile in Turkey FAQ

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You may need some sessions with your dentist for your operation. So, it is ideal for you to arrive in Istanbul a few days before the operation.

You may need 7-10 days according to the procedure you will have. Planning accordingly will be a good choice.

Hollywood Smile, often known as a complete prosthetic reconstruction of both jaws employing caps, veneers, and frequently implants, is a comprehensive makeover of your smile. Hollywood Smile entails installing dental crowns on all teeth, or at the very least on all teeth that are visible in both jaws, which includes premolars.

A Hollywood smile helps closing tooth gaps, encouraging whiter, brighter smiles, and making other eye-catching changes.

Since you are numb, pain shouldn't be an issue. The majority of patients who receive two to four veneers report minimal to no pain following the surgery. Patients who have eight or more veneers may experience gum and maybe jaw pain. Usually with only slight discomfort, it can be treated with over-the-counter drugs.

But none of the aforementioned, if not all, of the "Hollywood smile," were made without veneers. Natural teeth aren't bleach white and don't frequently have textbook-perfect dimensions. In essence, a veneer is a portion of a crown that just covers the front of the tooth.

Hollywood Smile entails installing dental crowns on all teeth, or at the very least on all teeth that are visible in both jaws, which includes premolars.

On the upper arch, roughly six to eight teeth are typically covered by front teeth veneers. Some people choose to have porcelain veneers attached to the eight upper and lower front teeth. The tooth shape, symmetry, oral-facial proportions, and consistency are likely to influence decisions.

Imagine it as a white coat that, if you want it to, can remain white forever. Is it secure? Yes 100%! Since laser light eliminates the bacteria that causes gum disease, years of teeth-whitening procedures performed all over the world have demonstrated that they are beneficial for the gums.

Professional (in-office) whitening is the quickest and most effective way of teeth whitening. During the short, one-hour procedure, your teeth can become two to eight shades whiter, and the effects can stay for up to five years.

Shades A1 and A2 are both in the yellow range of colors with A2 being a deeper amount of color than A1. Neither of them are "white" because teeth are not naturally white. To get into white you have to start talking about bleach shades.

B1 is the name of one of the whitest shades. We advise comparing tooth colors a1 and b1 if you're seeking for a more natural shade of white. Compared to b1, A1 resembles a darker tone of white. There are new spectrums of white that you can see celebrities wearing; formerly, B1 was the whitest colour you could whiten your teeth to.