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Six Pack Operation in Turkey

Six Pack Operation in Turkey

What is Six Pack Operation?

Many men fail to achieve the abs they want, despite intense exercise and diet. This goal may not be achieved because the necessary genes are not available, daily life does not leave enough time for exercise, or time is limited. For this reason, abdominal muscle (six pack) aesthetic surgery is one of the methods considered as a solution.

Abdominal muscle (six pack) aesthetic surgery or the abdominal etching surgery is the operation of removing the fat in the abdomen with the Vaser or Laser Liposuction method for a fit and healthy abdomen. Traditional abdominal liposuction is not sufficient for a typical six pack aesthetic. Vaser liposuction is a liposuction method based on ultrasound technology that absorbs fat at precisely defined points for later use as a subcutaneous filler in the muscles. Vaser liposuction is considered to be the most appropriate method since it is determined exactly where and how much fat should be removed.

Before Six Pack Operation

There are some procedures that those who want to have abdominal muscle surgery should do first. These processes are often overlooked by most people, but they are quite important. Therefore, if you have not been able to gain abdominal muscle by doing sports or if you cannot do sports because you do not have time, so if you want to have an operation to gain abdominal muscle, we recommend that you carefully read the pre-abdominal muscle aesthetics section that we have prepared for you. In this way, you will understand what you will encounter before the operation and after that, you will learn what you need to do while preparing for the operation. Here are some of the situations faced by those who want to have abdominal muscle aesthetics before the operation are listed by specialist physicians as follows.

Preparation for Surgery

Preparation for surgery is a very important process. During this process, the patient should prepare psychologically and physically before the operation. Since this process is a process that will also affect the post-operative period, a great deal of attention should be paid. Otherwise, problems may appear in the patient's condition after the operation.

Withdrawal of Blood Thinning Drugs

Consuming blood thinners in excess might make surgery extremely difficult. These difficulties are as follows. If the person uses blood thinners before the surgery, the blood will be in a very fluid state during the surgery. Therefore, large bleeding occurs in the cuts opened. If these bleedings are excessive, the patient may suffer from blood loss. Therefore, blood thinners should be discontinued immediately before surgery.
Smoking and Alcohol Use

Smoking and alcohol use are among the extremely risky uses for abdominal muscle plastic surgery. This is due to the fact that using these medications while participating in sports is never advised.. People can never do sports with the use of cigarettes and alcohol. While alcohol completely kills the liver and kidneys, smoking also damages the lungs.

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Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diet is one of the most important issues before abdominal muscle surgery. Because if the nutrition is not carried out properly, if the diet list given by the doctor is not followed, the procedure on the person disappears after a short time. This shows that the operation was done in vain.


During the preparation process for the operation, after the person quits blood thinners if he is using them, eliminates them if he has problems with nutrition and diet, and finally quits if there is alcohol and cigarette use, it means that major obstacles have been overcome for surgery. After this point, plastic surgeons go through the standard examination procedures necessary for the person to have abdominal muscle plastic surgery. Since the operation to be performed is an aesthetic surgery procedure, there are no life risks and many similar troublesome situations. In addition, since the patient will not be given general anesthesia but only local anesthesia, the procedures to be performed are much easier. From here, the examination procedures are performed when you go to the hospital, even for many health problems. After these very simple procedures, your doctors will present the report to the surgeon who will perform the surgery and look at the medications that will be given during the surgery and your values. Then your doctor approves this and preparations for the surgery begin.

Physical Examination

Physical examination is a method frequently used by doctors in all diseases. In case of any physical distress, doctors first want to be able to feel, see and touch the problematic area with the help of their hands. Numerous issues and difficulties are exposed in this manner without the requirement for numerous evaluations. Physical examination is of great importance as the area of operation to be performed in abdominal muscle surgery is the abdomen and this area is fully visible. Doctors first try to understand the adipose tissue themselves by examining your abdominal region with the help of their hands.


Thanks to this device, any condition that usually occurs in the bones of people can be easily detected. It is mostly used for bone fixation in cases such as fractures or cracks. However, X-ray is also known as one of the most important examinations that should be done before a person has abdominal muscle plastic surgery. The reason for this is that the x-ray can also show the fat tissue in the abdominal region in a very important way. Because infrared devices are sent to the person at a certain rate, it is aimed to overcome the meat and fat tissue. The higher the amount of infrared radiation needed, the more oil there is in this area. The higher the rate, the more infrared rays are sent, the x-ray workers process it in reports and send it to the doctor, who is the plastic surgeon. After examining them, the physician can send you to an MRI device known as tomography with computers if he/she deems it necessary.

Blood Analysis

If you visit the hospital with a complaint of any ailment, the doctors will lead you to the nurses and ask them to draw one or more samples of blood for laboratory analysis. However, when you need to have a blood test for surgery, the procedures may differ slightly. The reason for this is the application of very different procedures in the blood test to be performed for the surgery. First of all, around ten tubes of blood are taken from you. Each of these blood samples is delivered to a different laboratory to undergo a different test. Sharing the Medicines Used with the Physician It is necessary that the drugs used before the surgery be shared with the doctor. Because any of the drugs you use may cause problems in your blood values or organ work values during surgery. For this reason, as before every surgery, you should tell your doctor about the medications you use before abdominal muscle plastic surgery. Many regularly used drugs can be discontinued for a short time. But generally, heart medications are among the drugs that have to be abandoned very rarely. If you do not have heart disease, you can get permission to leave your remaining medications for a short time by showing your abdominal muscle plastic surgery doctor. Reviewing the Treatments Received If you have previous surgeries, you must inform your doctor before the operation. Before the surgery, your doctor will ask questions to inform you about the treatments and surgeries you have received before. It is important for you to answer these questions correctly. Otherwise, if you do not answer correctly and there is a problem during the operation due to these reasons, the responsibility does not belong to the doctor in any way.

After Six Pack Operation

There is a visible change right after the surgery, but it may be necessary to wait 3-4 weeks for the final result and full recovery. After abdominal muscle aesthetics, the results appear in a short time. Men who cannot get rid of their resistant fat due to the problem of regional lubrication quickly achieve the look they aim for. However, swelling and edema may occur in the area for a while after the operation. For this reason, it is necessary to wait about 7-10 days for definitive results to appear. Although Six Pack aesthetics can be preferred by men, operations that make women's abdominal muscles more prominent can also be performed. The fact that women as well as men want to have abdominal muscles increases the frequency of preference for this body shaping aesthetic.

Although it is a risk-free operation, the patient usually stays in the hospital for one day in case of any complications. After the patient is discharged, he should take care of himself and rest. It is possible for you to return to daily routine activities after a few days and to work after 1 week. However, for the first 2 weeks, compelling movements should be avoided, and only light exercises should be done. 1 month should be waited for heavy sports and fitness activities. The recovery process after abdominal muscle aesthetics also varies from person to person.

If the patient has a habit of smoking or alcohol, they should be avoided in the first month in order to shorten the recovery period. Foods with high nutritional value recommended by the doctor should be consumed. According to the doctor's recommendation, a corset should be worn for the first few weeks, thus preventing edema formation and increasing the success of the operation.

Thanks to this surgery, it is possible to ensure that our patients have the prominent muscles they dream of. However, our patients also need to be careful in order to preserve the results of the operation. Eating a balanced diet and doing sports is of great importance for the protection of the abdominal muscles.

Six Pack Operation Process



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Six Pack Operation in Turkey FAQ

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It is always recommended to be in Istanbul few days before the operation. You need to organize your procedure with all your examinations and tests and get ready mentally for the operation.

Recovery after a six pack operation generally takes 3 days after operation. So plan a vacation at least 5-6 days to experience a new appearance. Do not forget to see the beautiful parts of Istanbul too!

Abdominal etching, often referred to as liposculpture, is a surgical treatment in which undesirable fat from the abdomen is deliberately liposuctioned off the body in an effort to contour and highlight the abdominal muscles, producing a 6-pack practically immediately.

It's refreshing to know that ab etching is a permanent process. This is because the fat cells that is destroyed during therapy are unlikely to be replaced by your body.

Start working out.
Getting your body mass index to a point where your abdominal muscles can be seen is the first step if you have excess fat and desire a six-pack.
Strengthen the muscles in your core.
Try lifting weights.
Do cardiac exercises each day.
Consume water.

A plastic surgery operation called "ab sculpting" shapes the abdominal features to resemble a six-pack. Specialists create ripples in the abdomen to highlight the abdominal muscle by meticulously removing fat from particular locations using liposculpture.

Patients don't experience any pain because general anaesthetic is utilized during the treatment. You might suffer some soreness, bruising, and swelling after your operation, but these side effects are common and will go away as you recuperate.

All surgical procedures create scars, however ab etching scars are very well concealed. Usually, small enough to be hidden incisions are made at or near the navel, between the abdominal muscles, or under the areola.

The ab etching procedure permanently eliminates fat cells. With weight gain, however, fat cells that are still there can still grow. Natural aging can also cause muscle loss or skin sagging, which will affect your results.

Your surgeon will first mark the area around your abdomen to begin the abdominal etching treatment. While abdominal etching removes fat, it purposefully leaves certain deposits behind to highlight the appearance of the abdominal muscles. You'll be given a local anesthetic once you and your doctor have decided on the regions that need to be sculpted.

Abdominal etching has a mixed reputation and, if done incorrectly, can provide results that appear artificial. Because of this, patients must examine works before selecting a qualified surgeon who is knowledgeable about the most recent surgeries and methods in the field.

In order to produce indentations that resemble a washboard stomach, it eliminates extra fat from in between the abdominal muscles. Your stomach will look firmer and more muscular after ab etching. Patients can finally maintain their six pack abs even if they put on some weight.