Septorhinoplasty in Turkey

Septorhinoplasty in Turkey

What is Septorhinoplasty?

The nose is one of our five sensory organs, and its functions and benefits are many. Along with the benefits it provides, it also provides an aesthetic appearance. Many people may want to have surgery to change their nose shape because they may be uncomfortable with their nose.

Apart from aesthetic concerns, they can also undergo surgery when they experience some problems in the nose (difficulty in breathing, sense of smell, etc. due to nasal flesh). One of these operations is known as septorhinoplasty.

Septorhinoplasty is the treatment applied to correct this problem when there is curvature or deformity inside or outside the nose. Since problems such as curvature inside the nose make breathing difficult, the patient cannot continue his life comfortably. Apart from this, it can also be operated because it does not like its appearance.

Before Septorhinoplasty Operation

According to research, if the patient strictly follows the doctor's instructions before the nose surgery, the success rate of the operation increases.

  • If you have a chronic disease (diabetes, asthma, thyroid gland disease, anemia, cancer, etc.), you should definitely inform your doctor about this condition.
  • Tell your doctor about any medication you are taking and do not use blood thinners. Blood thinners increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Women using birth control pills should stop using these pills one month before the operation.
  • Smoking should be stopped.
  • It is very important to consume healthy food.
  • Do not eat on the day of the operation. It is important that you do not eat for eight hours.

Remember, apart from these items, your doctor will inform you about the things you should or should not do, and you should follow them all.

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After Septorhinoplasty Operation

  • When you come out of anesthesia, you may have pain in your nose, this is normal. Depending on your health condition, you may stay in the hospital for a few days. Control and bandaging are done for the first seven to ten days after the operation.
  • Make sure that the pillow is positioned high before going to sleep. In this way, excess edema will not accumulate. You should sleep this way for two weeks. Side effects such as swelling and bruising of the nose and face may occur, but there is nothing to be afraid of, it is normal. If your doctor approves, ice can be applied for the first four to five days.
  • If there is clotting in and around the nose, please do not touch or clean it. They are dressing materials; your doctor will clean them afterward.
  • Always use the medicines prescribed by your doctor regularly.
  • Do not take a shower for the first few days, then you can, but do not let water touch your nose.
  • Do not lift heavy, bend forward or exercise hard for a month.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol. These will delay healing.
  • It is useful to wear clothes that you can easily put on and take off for a few weeks, if possible, with a zip fastening.
  • In case of any unfavorable situation, you should contact your doctor.

Septorhinoplasty Process



Duration of treatment

2-3 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

3 Days

Socially acceptable

5 Day

Septorhinoplasty Cost in Turkey

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Septorhinoplasty in Turkey FAQ

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It is suitable for patients who have difficulty breathing because of their nose or who have an aesthetically unsuitable nose.

Not having problems breathing, having an aesthetically beautiful nose, and having a natural appearance.

Yes, it can. Depending on the patient's health status, the doctor may apply it in some other operations.

Going to Turkey four to five days in advance will be useful. The preliminary examination is very important.

We strongly recommend that you stay at least two weeks. Since it is not an easy surgery, you can contact your doctor very easily in case of a possible complication.

Every surgical operation carries risks, but if you have a professional hospital and a doctor in the field performing this surgery, the success rate will be quite high.

No, it is not. General anesthesia is applied before the surgery.

You should take it a few days after the operation and ensure no water contact with your nose.

Anyone aged 18 and over is suitable for this surgery.

You should not wear make-up for a while. Make-up materials containing chemicals can cause your nose to become infected.