Hair Transplant

Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is Sapphire Hair Transplant?

With the advancement of technology, there have also been advances in hair transplantation techniques. Successful results are obtained in these transactions every day. Sapphire hair transplantation is a hair transplantation technique obtained from natural sapphire stone and performed with the help of a sapphire tipped pen that does not cause any damage to the skin tissue.

A sapphire tipped pen is used to open nests in the area to be transplanted. Faster results are obtained with this method. It also offers the opportunity to recover quickly with less bleeding. Due to the many advantages, many people prefer this technique. Hair transplantation with Sapphire technique is one of the most advanced hair transplant methods. It is known that doctors often prefer this technique. The reason for this is that the advantages are too much.

Before Sapphire Hair Transplant

After deciding on hair transplant, you need to do a detailed research about health centers. If an experienced and reliable doctor performs the procedure, the successful outcome of the treatment is high. Careful and hygienic environment of hair transplantation is a must for aesthetic operation.

Appointments are usually made at 15-day intervals. Thus, you should interrupt the intake of some foods before the procedure. These are foods that have a blood-thinning effect. You should also stop using substances such as alcohol and cigarettes. In particular, stop using antibiotics, blood thinners and painkillers at least 10 days before the procedure. As a result of the measures taken, the probability of successful outcome of the operation is very high. Before the operation, you should discuss the whole process in detail with your doctor.

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After Sapphire Hair Transplant

After the operation, the grafts need to attach to the hair follicle. There are some situations that you need to pay attention to so that the hair follicles can hold on to the skin without any problems. You should not take a shower immediately after the procedure. Avoid places like Turkish bath, sauna. Heavy sports and exercises cause you to sweat. Excessive sweating can cause grafts to protrude from your scalp. Therefore, avoid activities that will cause you to sweat excessively. Harmful foods that should not be taken before the procedure should not be taken after the procedure in the same way. In this way, you can recover in a short time. This way it is easier to get the results you want.

Advantages of Sapphire Hair Transplant

There are many advantages that sapphire hair transplantation will provide you. Sapphire hair tools have a smooth surface. It is sharp and solid. It prevents tissue damage. Thanks to these tools, many hair transplantation techniques can be applied. Density occurs thanks to the ability to add frequent hair follicles. This makes the hair look more natural.The transplanted pores become small. Recovery after the operation is faster. A smooth texture is formed on the skin. Since they are transplanted at natural angles, there is no possibility to change their size when the hair grows. This technique gives results much faster than others. The healing process is also quite fast. The post-operative process for patients is very comfortable.

Sapphire Hair Transplant Process



Duration of treatment

6-8 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

3 Days

Socially acceptable

1 Week

Sapphire Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

All inclusive package
  • Free consultation
  • 3 nights in a 5 star hotel in Istanbul
  • Pre/post-operative testing
  • Cost for laboratory
  • Medication and Equipment
  • All round VIP transfer
  • 7/24 Support
  • Assistants speak English

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Sapphire Hair Transplant FAQ

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The first three days after the procedure are very important. However, your doctor should do the first hair wash. Three days after the procedure, the first washing is carried out. It is important that you stay in Turkey during this period in order to have the opportunity to reach your doctor whenever you need.

We recommend you to come here one day before the operation. It is important that you arrive early so that your preparations can be made in a wider time frame.

Hair transplantation with a sapphire tipped pen is much faster to recover. Both methods have their advantages. However, the most preferred method is hair transplantation with sapphire technique.

Hair transplantation with a sapphire tipped pen is much faster to recover. Both methods have their advantages. However, the most preferred method is hair transplantation with sapphire technique.

Hair transplant by an experienced doctor is the most effective treatment. In addition, it is important that the technique applied is the sapphire technique. Hair transplantation with a sapphire tip pen is the most effective treatment.

There are approximately 2-3 hair strands in a graft. For example, 2000 grafts means 4000-6000 hair follicles. If the balding area is large, 30-40% of this number can be sown.

No, it does not grow, but the thinning of the hair will not be noticeable because the roots are taken from the donor area in the nape area, which has a very frequent root structure compared to other parts of the scalp. Since the taken roots are taken intermittently, they will not be in the cavities.

The most experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey are in Istanbul. Since there is not a single person who performs successful hair transplantation, we cannot write a certain name here. However, Erdem Clinic hair transplantation doctors are among the most experienced and successful hair transplant doctors in Turkey.

In order for hair transplantation to be performed in a healthy way, there must be a hairy area in the donor area. However, in cases where this is not the case, certain areas of the body can also be used as donor areas. For this reason, a certain baldness rate is not required for hair transplantation.

Since hair transplant is an operation performed on the scalp, it has nothing to do with the skull bone and internal structures and it is impossible to damage these parts.

Yes, you can wear a hat after hair transplant. But, for this, at least a week must pass after the operation. During this time, nothing should come into contact with the processing area.

Millions of people, including celebrities, prefer Turkey for hair transplantation all over the world. However, the best hair transplantation clinics are in England, America and Turkey. Among them, Turkey is the first country that makes quality service at the most affordable price and therefore ranks first in the preference ranking.