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Relex Smile in Turkey

Relex Smile in Turkey

What is Relex Smile?

With Relex Smile, the most modern and latest laser eye technology we offer at Erdem Hospital, refractive error is corrected with a minimally invasive technique. This innovative high-level process offers the possibility of a successful laser eye surgery. Relex Smile is a patented, gentle, safe and flap-free laser eye procedure. Refractive errors are successfully treated for myopia up to 10 dpt and astigmatism up to 5 dpt. This method has replaced the traditional and proven LASIK method. It also provides an “All-Femto-LASIK” procedure. Therefore, only the highly sensitive femtosecond laser is used in the process.

The cornea does not open. In this way, a lentil (corneal slice) is prepared. Then the Femto laser makes a minimal cut to loosen and remove the lentils. Therefore, a large incision and opening of the upper layer of the cornea is prevented. This method is used in the treatment of patients with thin cornea, high eye dryness and refractive error.

Advantages of Relex Smile

iLASIK is also called Femto-Wavefront-LASIK! Wavefront refers to the controlled combination of LASIK and Femto-LASIK.

Since a large incision is not made to form a corneal flap, complications of the flap tissue are not expected. Complications such as flap folding and not sitting in place immediately after surgery are not expected. In the long term, the risk of displacement of the valve in any trauma to the eye is eliminated. Since a smaller corneal incision is made, the number of nerves cut is less and the dry eye due to loss of sensation is reduced to minimal levels. As a result of the structural procedure, the patient regains the comfort of seeing.

Since Relex SMILE can be used in high vision defects (up to 10 degrees in myopia, up to 5 degrees in astigmatism), it provides a high vision quality. In patients above these degrees, patient satisfaction will be provided because the degree will decrease again after the procedure.

Before Relex Smile Operation

As before every surgical procedure, some things should be considered before Smile laser surgery;

  • Perfume and deodorant should not be used before surgery.
  • Eye and face makeup should not be applied on the day of surgery.
  • There is no harm in eating before surgery.
  • The patient should allocate a minimum of 3-4 hours for this surgery.
  • It is necessary to come to the surgery with an accompanying person.
  • Only the patient is taken to the operating room.

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After Relex Smile Operation

Immediately after surgery, vision becomes blurred in some patients, while others notice sharper vision immediately after the procedure. It is good to rest after Smile laser surgery. It should be avoided to rub the eyes with soap, water or cosmetics and other actions that will irritate the eyes. Medications and drops given for postoperative use should be used appropriately. Intense exercise should be avoided for a week to prevent healing complications.

Since Smile laser supports a minimally invasive application, the discomfort felt during the healing process is also small. Within a few days of treatment, patients can normally drive, work, wear makeup, and play sports. After the operation, watering, sensitivity and glare in the lights may be felt in the eye. This is a completely normal situation, and the drops recommended by the doctor will reduce these troubles. You can reach clarity of vision that can do many things the day after the procedure.Before Smile laser surgery, doctors perform a very detailed eye examination and examination.

If the structure of the eye is suitable for smile laser surgery, the patient is given the necessary information and an appointment. The surgery consists of a 27-second laser procedure. During the operation, a vacuum ring is placed that prevents you from moving your eyes and then the laser is applied. The doctor removes the piece inside the cornea from the 2 mm incision. After surgery, your doctor will recommend that you rest throughout the day.

Relex Smile in Turkey Process



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15 Minutes

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3 Days

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1 Week

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Relex Smile in Turkey FAQ

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You can return to your country after the relex smile operation. But it would be better to stay here for a day for the risk of developing a complication. After a day, if everything is in order, you can return to your country.

You need to be here on the day of the relex smile. You do not need to arrive a few days before the operation. But if you have planned a tour here, you can arrive earlier.

Relex SMILE is a more effective treatment than LASik operation, especially for higher degrees of myopia. The biomechanical stability of the cornea is better maintained after ReLEx Smile than in the Lasik operation, where the wing is formed. When the wing is formed during the femto, the Lasik nerves are cut. This, in turn, subsequently causes dry eyes.

Visual healing can take days and weeks to stabilize. In addition, the full recovery time for the cornea after Relex operation will take approximately 3 to 6 months. At the end of this period, you can do all the activities you had before the operation without worrying.

This operation is permanent. The effect of the surgery that will occur after this is permanent. But as we get older, the eyes change. For this reason, you may need reading glasses.

This procedure does not cause absolutely pain. Your doctor will administer topical anesthesia in the form of eye drops before the procedure. There are no injections. Therefore, general anesthesia is not required.

This operation is less risky than the lasik operation. Because it does not involve forming a wing. Mild side effects may occur. But these effects pass immediately.

It is a technology that can be used in myopia and myopia astigmatism problems. It can not be used in hypermetropic corrections. Smile laser system does not have the eye tracking system in excimer laser systems.

Do not use devices such as mobile phones and computers until your eye doctor examines you after the procedure. Light sensitivity may occur for 24 hours after the operation. In this case, your eyes are badly affected.

On the first day after the SMILE procedure, most patients feel that something is in their eyes. In addition, it experiences a tearing and burning sensation for several hours. Visual recovery is quite fast. After one to two days, however, most patients have 20/20 vision.

Many people can benefit from SMILE. Unfortunately, you may not be a good candidate if: If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you are not eligible for this procedure. You are not suitable if you have foresight in the form of presbyopia or hyperopia, and you have a changing refractive error that rises above -0.5 diopters per year.

After this operation, the problem of blurred vision is common. Blurred vision persists for several days. Your vision will become clear in a few weeks or months.