Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplantation

What hair transplant procedures do you provide ?

We provide all types of hair transplant procedures for scalp and facial hair.

What should I do to book a hair transplant operation at your clinic ?

You may contact us via mobile, WhatsApp, Viber or E-mail and book your consultation online. In case you live away from Istanbul, you can send us your hair pictures through the same services, and our representatives will guide you further.

What additional services do you offer to your patients ?

Meeting at the airport, hotel accommodation, VIP transport services in between airport-hotel-hospital, translation services,

How long does the hair transplant procedures take ?

It takes around 6-8 hours depends on the type of the procedure.

Is the procedure done under local or general anaesthesia ? Is it dangerous?

Procedure is performed under local anesthesia. It is not dangerous unless you are allergic to an anesthetic medication or have some certain medical condition. Surely, they are all checked before the operation.

How long should I wait in between two operations ?

Experts may think differently, but it is good to wait around 12 months in between two operations.

When should I stop smoking and drinking alcohol before the procedure ?

For best results, we advise to stop smoking and drinking alcohol one month before and for two months after the operation. But anyway, you should avoid drinking alcohol, taking drugs and smoking at least 24 hours prior to the operation

When will I start to obtain the results of the operation ?

Your hair will start to grow in 2 months, and you may observe the first results by the 6th month. Around 1-1.5 year later, you will see the final results of the operation.

When can I start working after the operation ?

You can return back to your work within 5 days, but you will have the crusty look for around 2 weeks.

What is to be done if I feel pain after the transplant ?

You may use mild painkillers for the pain, and antihistamines for the itch.

What is the use of Mesotherapy ?

Mesotherapy is a combination of vitamins, plant extracts, useful medicines for your hair as minoxidil and finasteride. So it will helps hair regrowth

How should I wash my hair after the operation ?

You have to wash, rinse and dry your hair gently with the shampoo and lotion we provide after the operation

Where exactly are you located ?

We are scattered around Istanbul in both European and Asian Side with three hospitals and three clinics, but we perform hair transplant operations in Cakmak Erdem Hospital in Umraniye district of Istanbul.

What are your working hours ?

We serve our patients 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week in our hospitals

What are the risks in hair transplant ?

There might be bleeding, scalp swelling, eye bruising, infection and itching after the operation. But if you follow our doctors guidance, you will not encounter any of these problems.

Is there a chance that transplanted hairs also fall out ?

No, there is not. DHT is the hormone that causes hair fall, and the hair at the back of your head, where the donor area is for the transplant is a DHT resistant area, so the hair there do not fall out. And these grafts are implanted to the recipient area.

Is hair transplant in Turkey safe ?

Actually it is. But you need to be cautious somewhat, since this is a serious medical procedure. There are many so-called ‘clinics’ in Turkey who claim to have hair transplant specialists and perform the operations in non-hospital environments . That is why you have to research and find a fully equipped hospital with certified doctors and medical professionals.