Direct Hair Implantation (Choi Method)

DHI is the newest and most advanced hair transplantation technique. In this technique ; creating the site and implanting the grafts are performed together. So the channel opening process in FUE method is skipped. Instead there is an implanter pen(choi) with a hollow needle withdraws the follicles , and implant on the recipient site. Surgeon uses this implanter pen to collect grafts from the donor area, after they are collected into the hollow needle, the needle inserted into the scalp creating the incision site where the grafts will be implanted.

Advantages of Sapphire Blade

  • No need to shave the recipient area.
  • Grafts remain outside the body for a very short time, which makes them healthier.
  • Shorter recovery period than the other methods
  • No trauma, much less bleeding or no bleeding at all during the operation. This causes less damage to the implanted area.
  • %90 survival rate of hair follicles.

Disadvantages of Direct Hair Implantation

  • Extreme attention required by the physicians and technicians.
  • Generally more costly than the other methods.
  • The operative area is not wide open in this technique, which causes difficulties for handling grafts.

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