Dental Crowns in Turkey

Dental Crowns in Turkey

What is Dental Crown?

A crown is usually applied when most of the tooth structure has been lost, becoming too weak to support chewing and/or biting forces. Tooth structure may be lost due to a fracture of the tooth or untreated dental caries that has spread widely in the tooth. Another indication for restoring a tooth with a crown is a root canal treated tooth. Root canal treated teeth become more fragile over time, so they are more likely to break and go into extraction. Restoring root canal treated teeth with a crown will protect them from breaking over time. People suffering from severe tooth wear may also benefit from crowns to restore their teeth and protect their teeth from further damage. Crowns are also used to restore dental implants. When a dental implant is placed to replace a lost tooth, we place a porcelain crown over the implant to make it look like a tooth.

Dental Crowns Methods

Dental crowns are usually the types that take their name from the materials used in their structure. The number of teeth to be crowned varies from person to person. If the number of dental crowns is more than two, the crown should be more durable. The choice of patients who will have more than 2 crowns is preferred by the physician as zirconium or metal infrastructure tooth crown. Dental crowns are;

Metal Infrastructure Porcelain Dental Crown

The necessary metal infrastructure is made after the tooth structure is measured. Dental technicians use specialized brushes to shape teeth, and the metal restorations used in the patient's mouth must be compatible., they are polished and ready to use.

Full Ceramic Empress Crown

It is a method applied by those who will make a single tooth crown. This is a technique applied to a single anterior tooth, different from metal infrastructure crown. It is a more durable technique than other crowns. But in case of hard blows, the probability of breaking is very high.
One of the reasons why the empress crown veneer technique is frequently preferred in Turkey and around the world is the advantages it offers. Among these advantages, we can list the things you should know as follows:

  • Offers a natural tooth appearance
  • It meets aesthetic expectations due to its high light transmittance.
  • This dental crown method has natural fluorescence and thanks to this feature, the surface structure can be controlled.
  • Compared to other types of crowns, the retention feature is higher.
  • Less plaque accumulation on the surface
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Fluid absorption is low
  • It is applied completely painless.
  • It can also be applied when the color tone of the teeth changes.

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Zirconium Crown

It is a dental crown technique that is generally performed to provide an aesthetic appearance and has many advantages. It is known as the closest tooth to the natural tooth. Zirconium is preferred by patients due to its many benefits.These advantages are;

  • They take shape easily and can be easily turned into white color.
  • They are artificial teeth that, due to their natural appearance, most closely mimic real teeth.
  • They don't include any metal. Long-term retention in the mouth is safe.
  • Not sensitive; Resistant to hot and cold foods and beverages

Before Dental Crown Operation

In the dental crowns process; Materials such as zirconium, gold, silver, porcelain and ceramic can be used. Depending on the operation to be performed under the control of the physician, one of these options may be preferred. Those who want to achieve a different result away from the natural look can choose metal materials such as gold and silver. Those who are sensitive about natural appearance should choose one of the zirconium, porcelain, and ceramic options. Crowned teeth prices may vary according to the material to be selected. Paying attention to this criterion while choosing will help in making the budget. Zirconium can be considered the most useful material in terms of both naturalness and functionality. Zircon is the most suitable way to achieve originality in terms of tooth appearance. For this reason, those who want to have crowns at a young age can also prefer zirconium. When applied by a physician who is an expert in the field of zirconium crown, it allows the tooth to be used for long periods of time without any problems.

Teeth are prepared for crown by performing an examination before the operation. Before the coating, the teeth are cleaned by making appropriate treatments. All conditions necessary for coating are provided. Crown dental treatment stages are;

  • Teeth are measured and temporary molds are placed on the teeth until the crowns are prepared.
  • If a problem occurs during the time the molds are on the teeth, it is immediately intervened and any problems that may arise when the crowning teeth are prepared in computer environment with 3D systems. Prepared teeth are applied on the appointment day.

The dental crown treatment process ends in about 3 sessions if there is no problem. It should be noted that the treatment should be done with 2-3 days intervals. After the dental crown treatment is over, it is important for the patient to pay attention to oral and dental care and to come for regular check-ups. Dental treatments performed by specialist physicians can be used healthily for many years if the necessary conditions are met.

After Dental Crown Operation

It is recommended that you follow the instructions given by your dentist in order to have a comfortable healing process after dental crown. According to the type of crown treatment, there are procedures that should be done in accordance with each treatment. dental crown treatments are applied by using various methods to regulate the disorders in the tooth structure and to achieve healthier teeth. According to the treatments performed, the points to be considered after the the operation are;

  • You should consider the crowns like your normal teeth and brush them at least 2 times a day.
  • Food residues may remain under thecroewns, for this it is necessary to use super floss.
  • It is necessary to go to a regular check-up once in 6 months.
  • It's typical to experience tingling at first.. it will pass in time. If it does not pass, you can use the painkiller recommended by your doctor, if the problems goes on, you can make an appointment with your doctor.
  • Your doctor can temporarily bond the teeth. In this case, the crowns can come off more easily. There is no such thing as a temporary bonded tooth that will fall out all the time. If there is no problem after trial use, it will be permanently attached.
  • Use of dental floss should be continued. Even the usage frequency may need to be raised.
  • Be careful with extremely hard foods such as walnuts, etc. The shells of the food should not be broken by your teeth
  • There may be permanent or temporary adhesive residues at once. So when you brush your teeth, don't be afraid.
  • You can schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss all of your issues.
  • It may take time to get used to because there is a foreign substance in your mouth.
  • Crowns may seem too big for your tongue, lips, inside your mouth. The reason for this is that there are no teeth in that area for a long time. You will get used to it within 15 days at the latest.

Dental Crowns in Turkey Process



Duration of treatment

6-8 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

3 Days

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Dental Crowns Cost in Turkey

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  • Pre/post-operative testing
  • Cost for laboratory
  • Medication and Equipment
  • All round VIP transfer
  • 7/24 Support
  • Assistants speak English

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Dental Crowns in Turkey FAQ

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The examinations can be done on the day of your operation. So plan accordingly.


Therefore, you should be aware that you'll need to stay in Istanbul for a few days if you acquire dental crowns here. You'll be given a temporary crown in the interim by the dental office. Your custom-made crowns typically fit and are created in 4 to 7 days. This indicates that you will need to spend a week or so in Istanbul.


An average dental crown would last 15 years with special precautions. However, they frequently endure up to 25 to 30 years when you give extra time and importance for your dental health.


A dental crown is a fantastic treatment option that can provide efficient, long-lasting relief for numerous tooth problems. ln order to support a tooth following a root canal, to treat a fractured or cracked tooth, to strengthen and protect a damaged tooth, or to fortify a tooth, dental crowns are advised.


A normal tooth beneath a crown is attached to it. A crown's margins may deteriorate because of this. A crown with decay around the edges can only be fixed permanently by removing the old crown, treating the decay, and creating a new crown.


A root canal is not necessarily vital in order to get a crown, and vice versa. But occasionally, you might need to get both treatments. Your dentist might advise extraction if your tooth is beyond saving. Later, you can replace the missing teeth with dentures, dental bridges, or implants.


All-ceramic crowns are a good option for front teeth. Dental crowns made of pressed ceramic have a tough inner core. Dental crowns made of pressed ceramic take the place of the metal liners used in all-ceramic crown production. Because porcelain delivers the closest natural color match, it is utilized to cap pressed ceramic crowns.


After receiving a crown, you shouldn't feel worse. Your teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues will be numbed locally by your dentist, but there will likely also be an anesthetic administered, so you might feel a tiny pinch.


Additionally, you could observe that food is gathering around the crown's base. This could be an indication that the crown isn't securely attached to your tooth and is instead leaving a space where food debris and plaque can gather. Gum diseases and tooth decay may result from this.


No matter how many teeth require care, your dentist can assist you. Even if they are severely broken, numerous teeth can be covered by crowns. Schedule a consultation right away to get started on the road to obtaining a stunning smile.


There is no distinction between a dental cap and a crown. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that is put over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance accordingly. Dental implants may also have a crown affixed to the top of them.


Your dentist will anesthetize (numb) the tooth and the gum tissue surrounding it before starting the crown-making process. After that, the tooth's chewing surface and sides are modified to make way for the crown. Depending on the type of crown utilized, a certain amount is eliminated.