Dental Bridge in Turkey

Dental Bridge in Turkey

What is Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a dental treatment method that fills the gap which is formed due to tooth loss or missing teeth. The missing teeth, especially on the jaw, are eliminated with a dental bridge. Accordingly, the dental bridge, as the name suggests, is formed by holding two or more crowns.

It is known that the dental bridge is made of 4 different elements. These different items are; gold, ceramics, porcelain and alloy. Thanks to the dental bridge made within the scope of these different elements, the quality of life of people will increase considerably. The bridge tooth, which we call artificial teeth, most importantly, allows you to eat more comfortably. Therefore, when you have a dental bridge, you should pay attention to oral hygiene.

These briddges may last 5 to 15 years according to your oral care.

Dental Bridge Methods

In general, there are 4 types of dental bridges. These are;

  • Traditional dental bridge,
  • Cantilever bridge,
  • Implant supported bridges,
  • Maryland anchored bridge.

Among these basic 4 dental bridge types, traditional bridge is the most preferred for durability reasons.

Traditional Dental Bridge

The traditional dental bridge is the most popular and most preferred dental bridge. This treatment is applied when there is a missing tooth among the 31 teeth in the mouth. However, the teeth on the sides of the missing tooth location must be natural teeth. If there are no natural teeth in the lateral parts, traditional dental bridge treatment cannot be applied.

Console Dental Bridge

A cantilever dental bridge is also somewhat similar to a conventional dental bridge. Dental bridges in this style are used where there are more than one missing teeth. However, in order to perform the cantilever dental bridge application, there must be one natural tooth next to the missing tooth. A cantilever dental bridge, used where a single natural tooth is present, is attached to an adjacent tooth.

Maryland Dental Bridge

Maryland dental bridge requires two adjacent teeth on either side of the dental cavity to be applied intraoral. A Maryland dental bridge cannot be attached via dental crowns. In this regard, a metal or porcelain frame is needed. Accordingly, with the help of metal or porcelain, a Maryland dental bridge is applied.

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Implant Supported Dental Bridge

Implant-supported dental bridge is a treatment method that is very similar to the traditional dental bridge. But this method is supported by a dental implant. Within the scope of the implant-supported dental bridge treatment, the implant is first placed in the jaw. Accordingly, the implant is placed above the gum line. The implant, which prevents bone loss, is known to be quite strong and durable.

Before Dental Bridge Operation

If there is a medication (for example, antibiotics) recommended by your doctor, you should use it regularly by following the hours. If you have a disease or allergy, and you also have medications that you use regularly, you should definitely tell your doctor. If you are using aspirin-type drugs that delay clotting before and after extraction, be sure to inform your dentist. If possible, the teeth should be brushed well and rinsed with water with an antiseptic. Thus, it helps to reduce bacteria in the mouth and reduce the risk of infection.

Bridge tooth treatment is one of the main methods that is frequently preferred for the completion of tooth deficiencies. Before the dental bridge treatment, the patient is given a general examination by the dentist and the patient's dental x-ray is taken. During the examination, the dentist starts the dental bridge treatment by checking the jaw structure of the patient and determining the number of missing teeth and the locations of the gaps in the patient's mouth.

In dental bridge treatment, the intact teeth located right next to the empty teeth (on the right and left) are rasped and reduced to serve as fixation. Then, the dentist takes the patient's mouth and jaw measurements and ensures that the most suitable prosthesis is made for the patient. Dental bridge prosthesis is prepared according to the patient's tooth structure and tooth color. The dentist places the prepared prosthesis in the mouth and makes sure that the tooth is fully seated and does not disturb the patient. If there is a problem with the prepared dental bridge prosthesis or if it sinks into the patient's gum or palate, the prosthesis is corrected to suit the patient's mouth.

After Dental Bridge Operation

Properly caring for the dental bridge is not much different from caring for your natural teeth. Specialists recommend routine brushing with a soft-bristled toothbrush for two minutes each day. Also, regular flossing will help prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. When flossing the bridge, you need to floss around your natural teeth as well as move the floss between the base of the bridge and the gum tissue. Flossing once a day is the most effective way to remove plaque and debris under the bridge.

With proper care, a quality dental bridge can last for decades. Unnecessary harm can be avoided by refraining chewing gum and consuming hard foods such as nuts, ice, and hard candies. Excellent oral hygiene and regular dentist visits can help keep your investment comfortable, clean and long-lasting. While a dental bridge is permanent, it is not considered a permanent solution for missing teeth.

For a more permanent solution to replace missing teeth with fewer limitations, dental implants may be an option you want to consider. One of the most important advantages of dental implants is that they put less stress on the surrounding teeth while supporting bone structure and gum health. In general, a high-quality dental implant can last a lifetime.

Benefits of dental bridge is as follows:

  • The most important advantage of the dental bridge is that it provides oral integrity and comfortable eating. Thanks to the dental bridge, you will be able to eat whatever you want.
  • It also contributes to your smile and your teeth to look better. Since the teeth play a big role in a beautiful smile, a dental bridge will also be very advantageous.
  • Thanks to the bridge applied to your teeth, the beauty on your face will be restored. Moreover, your beauty will always be preserved.
  • Factors such as chewing, eating, and especially speaking will also be restored.
  • After treatment with a dental bridge, the position of the other teeth is also maintained.
  • The dental bridge will also give you an advantage in biting fruits such as apples and quinces.

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Dental Bridge in Turkey FAQ

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Your operations and examinations can be done on the same day. So your arrival date will be your decision.


Your doctor will schedule weekly sessions for you to measure and complete your treatment. So at least you will spend a week around Istanbul.


Dental bridges can last for five to seven years at the very least. The bridge might endure more than ten years with appropriate oral care and regular expert cleanings.


The use of a local anesthetic during the preparation of your teeth and when your dentist takes an impression makes the bridge operation painless. After the procedure, taking analgesics for pain management is frequently unneeded.


  • For conventional bridges, healthy teeth must be covered with crowns.
  • Maryland bridges are weak and can harm the teeth that already present.
  • Bridges supported by implants require additional time and money.
  • Bridges cannot reverse jawbone thinning.
  • Implants stay a lot longer than bridges.


A dental implant might offer lifetime protection since it is more sturdy than a bridge. The implant's titanium metal cylinder is strong and remarkably resistant to gum disease and decay.


The bad news is that a dental bridge's natural teeth underneath its crowns are still susceptible to decay and other oral health problems.
Food particles caught between teeth or under a poorly fitted dental bridge can cause tooth decay.


Dental bridges are strong restorations that frequently last 10 years or more before needing to be replaced. But occasionally a bridge will fail before its time.


Since the jawbone starts to resorb once you lose your tooth, grafting is necessary for some procedures. For instance, when getting dental implants, bone grafting is necessary if the bone has resorbed. The advantage of bridges is that bone grafting is not necessary.


The number of teeth that can be replaced with a dental bridge varies. Generally, a dental bridge can be used to replace anywhere from one to four teeth. It's rare to find cases where dental bridges are used to replace five or more teeth.


It's typical for the gums to swell up after extraction. Before Dr. Ward places a dental bridge for a patient, he often waits for the gums to recover completely. The entire healing process can take 8 to 12 weeks to complete.


The two healthy teeth on either side of the gap will typically be filed down by the dentist to make room for a dental bridge. The bridge will then be created using a mold. In order to prepare healthy teeth for the dental bridge, the dentist typically files them down.