Can wrong hair transplant practices be corrected? How is the wrong hair transplant application? How to understand the wrong hair transplant application? What should I pay attention to when choosing a hair transplant center? These are the some important questions around the individuals who wants to have a hair transplant operation. For a safe and peaceful operation, it is important to know the answers of these kind of questions

Can wrong hair transplant practices be corrected?

Experts witness from time to time that the patients cannot reach desired results in the hair transplantation process. Transactions carried out at the so-called under-the-counter points made by non-professionals can lead to very troublesome results.

While the FUE hair transplant is method experts use in our country and around the world for many years and perform correctly. It makes people happy with its natural results, while the procedure can result in disappointment as a result of wrong and incomplete applications.

How is the wrong hair transplantion application?

Before devoloping of the FUE technique, there were many unnatural hair transplants with the FUT technique. From time to time, we can see in patient complaints that there are centers that try to work with this old technique. In planting; the planting technique, the knowledge and experience of the planting team are very important. As even a developed technique FUE , if incompetent hands apply, negative results are inevitable.

How to understand the fault hair transplantion application?

We have listed some cases which show the wrong hair transplant application. The most common application errors are as follows:

  • There are vertical hairs that occur as a result of not being able to adjust the degree of inclination during the channel opening process while planting.
  • Unnatural adjustment of the forehead line
    Setting the forehead line too far back
  • Excessive dilution of the donor area and taking root from more than necessary area
  • Permanent scars in the nape area as a negative result of the FUT technique
  • Hair grows incompatible with each other, each strand protrudes in different directions, creating a messy look
  • Hair follicles is not at an equal distance, leaving frequent or very empty areas

Can hair transplantation failure be corrected?

To minimize the negative effects of wrong hair transplantation by planning a new transplantation as much as possible. Lately, experts many hair transplant correction procedures perform. In particular, it is a procedure of transforming the operations of FUT technique to a more natural state with the FUE technique.

How can I avoid the bad hair transplant application?

Hair transplantation must perform exactly for getting correct results. In order to obtain very positive psychological, physiological and sociological results of the procedure, those who are considering the procedure should not neglect the things they should do before the procedure. We have listed for our guests what you can do before and after the application.

  • Research the hair transplant center and its team very well before making a decision.
  • Examine the previous procedures of the doctor and his team who will do the planting.
  • Question whether they have the authority to do hair transplantation and ask for documentation.
  • Do not believe those who are not authorized, even if they give good references.
  • Stay away from places that make hair transplantation at cheap prices.
  • Make sure that you do not neglect them by carefully examining the things to be done before and after the hair transplantation process.
  • For reliable and successful hair transplant results, you can make an appointment with our center and talk to our specialists.

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Frequently asked questions

What happens if hair transplant goes wrong?
Bad hair transplants leave the patient with mental and physical damage, as well as a breach of trust. If the hair transplant fails, not only is valuable time and money squandered, but the amount of trust placed in the surgeon is completely destroyed.

Can a bad hair transplant be fixed?
Even if you haven’t, many people seeking remedies to their hair loss concerns have had an unsuccessful hair transplant. There is, however, some good news. With the correct expertise and treatments, you can always remedy a poor hair transplant.

Does donor hair grow back?
Is it true that donor hair grows back? Yes, it is possible. A number of factors influence whether or not hair grows back and how long it takes for regular hair development to restart in the donor location. The method of extraction, whether FUE or FUT, as well as how you care for your donor area after hair transplant surgery, have an impact.