Things to Know If You Are Considering a Beard Transplant

Beard transplant is the process of transplanting the hair follicles taken to the beardless parts of the face area, from the back of the hair or another part of the body. It is just like the hair transplant process, which is performed under local anesthesia.

What is a Beard Transplant?

Beard transplantation is applied by hair transplant specialist doctors working in esthetic or hair health clinics. In the process, steps are used in hair transplant applications. Below, we will try to inform you briefly by referring to the stages of beard transplantation.

Stages of Heard Transplant Process

A beard transplant is also a hair transplant procedure. In this application, a process path is followed in the same way. It is possible to briefly explain these processes as follows.

  • Examining transplants,
  • Determining the area to be transplanted and calculating the number of grafts,
  • Taking blood and other tests before transplant,
  • Providing local anesthesia with painless anesthesia,
  • Collecting hair follicles from the donor area and keeping them in organ transplant solution,
  • Transplantation of the collected grafts to the beardless.

What Will Happen During and After the Transplant?

Beard and mustache transplant is performed in different ways. A beard transplant is generally applied by removing the hair follicle from the back of the hair. In this process, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. It can be performed by removing hair follicles from appropriate parts of the body. Hair specialists perform this process. For this, it will be healthier to work with reliable specialist doctors.

For this process, the doctor removes the nape of the neck, body, or nape root. Your doctor transplanted these hair follicles without waiting for a long time. Generally, doctors have tried two different types of techniques for this process. One of the most commonly known old transplant methods is the fue method. For this reason, patients first get information about this issue.

After Transplant

The first thing to consider after a beard transplant is to keep the transplanted area clean and dry. Instead of lying face down, it is necessary to lie on your back in a certain process. You should not be washed to the transplanted area for a least 2 days.

In order not to prolong the healing process, it is necessary not to consume alcohol and cigarettes for a while before and after the transplant. In the meantime, if you cannot stop this product, you can reduce its use even it. If you are cared for and protected in your transplanted area, your beards begin to grow in about 3-4 months and take on a natural appearance. Even if crusting occurs for a short time after transplant, they are shed spontaneously. In this process, it is necessary not to scratch the crusted area.

How Much Will a Beard Transplant Cost? Or Will It Be Expensive?

Things to Know If You Are Considering a Beard Transplant

Today, the price information of beard surgery, which is a procedure applied by specialists in many centers, varies from person to person, and therefore pricing is done individually. Many factors such as the width of the area where this transplantation will be performed in the person and the number of hair follicles to be used as donors affect the process of this procedure.

For pricing and other detailed information for facial hair transplants, it is necessary to get information from the center and the specialist where the procedure will be performed. In the meantime, when care and cleaning are paid for beard transplants before and after, it is possible to get the desired result without any problems.

How long will a beard transplant take?

Your doctor performs this procedure under local anesthesia and sedation which takes 2-5 hours. Generally, this process is painless. After the process, it is observed that tiny crusts form around the transplanted roots. But they are shaded for a short time.

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant procedures are carried out successfully in Turkey. Doctors perform this procedure with the most advanced techniques. However, there are very experienced doctors in beard hair transplant in Turkey. At the same time, facial hair transplant costs or beard transplant prices in Turkey are very affordable. Especially patients living abroad can have the procedure here at a much more affordable beard implant cost than in their own countries. Patients mostly prefer Turkey for both cheap and quality service.

You can fill out the contact form on our beard transplantation page to get more detailed information about beard transplant costs or procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a beard transplant a good idea?
As long as there are healthy hair follicles in any part of your body, beard transplantation is the right choice for you. However, many men with baldness problems are interested in beard transplantation. However, this procedure may not have as many options as hair transplantation.

How painful is a beard transplant?
Your doctor performs this procedure under local anesthesia and sedation which takes 2-5 hours. Generally, this process is painless.

Do beard transplants look natural?
Yes, you can get a natural appearance obtained with the development of technology in beard transplantation. The experience of the hair transplant specialist is important for natural transplantation quality.