Robbie Williams Hair Transplant Operation

Robbie Williams Hair Transplant

Who is Robbie Williams?

Robbie Williams was born on February 13, 1974. She is a singer and songwriter. Heis a former member of the band Take That. He is the best-selling artist on the UK music market and has sold more than 57 million records worldwide.

Robbie Williams Hair Transplant: True or False?

When we say celebrities who have hair transplants, one of the first celebrities that come to mind is Robbie Williams. Robbie Williams is one of the celebrities who had hair loss problems for many years. In 2013, he had a hair transplant operation and got healthy hair, but then he wanted to have a hair transplant operation again in 2020 he went to a clinic again but could not have a hair transplant operation. The doctors told him that his hair was too thin. He could not have this operation because his hair follicles were weak. People who do not have strong hair follicles may face such problems from time to time. 

Which is Better DHI or FUE?

DHI and FUE are different hair transplantation techniques. In the DHI technique, frequent transplantation is performed on a narrow area of the scalp. FUE is used when planting on a larger area of the scalp. In the DHI technique, the hair is transplanted direct, but in FUE, additional time is required for channel opening. But the doctor decides which technique is better. Before the hair transplantation operation, the doctor performs a separate hair examination specific to each patient. Whichever technique is more suitable for your hair follicles and scalp, the doctor performs the hair transplantation operation with that technique.

Can Your Body Reject a Hair Transplant?

In general, this is not a common situation. If you do not have any scalp disease or do not have an active disease, hair transplantation operations result in success. However, there are some possibilities that the body refuses to have a hair transplant. The person has a blood test before the hair transplantation operation, and it is determined whether there is any health problem. If the body refuses to have a hair transplant, then the person may have Lichen Planopilaris Syndrome. 

What Is Lichen Planopilaris Syndrome?

It is an inflammatory scalp disease that has resulted in irregular alopecia. It is usually seen after the hair transplantation process is completed. However, the rate of this syndrome is quite small. If the patient is a healthy patient and the clinic, he chooses is reliable and hygienic, then the hair transplantation operation is performed successfully.

Should I Be Nervous About Hair Transplant?

You definitely shouldn’t. Hair transplantation operations are very reliable operations. But do not trust every clinic. You should find clinics that do quality hair transplantation and deal with them. Most people are afraid of hair transplant operations, this is very normal. But stay calm, don’t be nervous. The doctor examines your hair structure to the most detailed detail and performs the most suitable hair transplantation technique for you. 

What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplantation?

A hair transplant is not an easy procedure, to begin with. Do thorough research and refrain from oversimplifying this process. You can experience negative outcomes if you have this procedure without performing good research or locating a reputable center. There are some things you should consider before the procedure if you have located a reputable clinic. A week or two before the procedure, you must stop smoking. Smoking is detrimental because it can cause more bleeding during surgery. You ought to give up drinking alcohol in the same manner.

Both herbal tea and beverages with caffeine should be avoided. Blood thinners that don’t allow your blood to clot shouldn’t be taken.

You should let your doctor know if you have a problem or a persistent illness. Before getting a hair transplant, kindly avoid using any hair products. Useless hair care products include sprays and jellies. Your hair should remain in its natural state.