Mentor vs Motiva Breast Lift

Which one is better?

The breast is one of the female organs and is multifunctional. It provides both a feminine appearance and has many medical benefits, like breastfeeding. Thanks to this versatility, in today’s world, most women have various breast surgeries, and a breast lift is one of them.

A breast lift is a medical device used in cosmetic/plastic or reconstructive surgery to enhance or reshape a person’s breasts. These implants are usually made of silicone or saline and are surgically inserted into the breast tissue or under the chest muscle. They come in various shapes and sizes to achieve the desired look, whether it’s for aesthetic reasons, like enhancing breast size, or for reconstructive purposes after breast cancer surgery or other medical conditions.

There are many questions from women who want to have a breast lift. One of these questions is: “Which type of implant is better for breast lift?”

It is difficult to answer directly. There are many types of breast lifts on the market but, we can give some information about the two most well-known breast lift types: Motiva and Mentor.

Mentor vs Motiva Implants: What are they?

Mentor vs Motiva Breast Lift

Mentor Breast Lift

Mentor is a company that produces breast lifts, and it has been serving the aesthetic-medical field for more than 35 years. There is a wide range of ranging types from silicone gel to saline implants. The surface of the implants is free of pores and cavities, minimizing the possibility of the implant turning or slipping. Many experienced healthcare providers use this implant brand in breast surgeries.

Besides that, these implants are multi-shaped, offering different sizes and power levels. In this way, the individual demands of the person can be fully met. It produces both saline-filled and silicone-gel-filled implants.

The gel inside ensures that the implant is held evenly. Thanks to this gel, the patient not only has the desired breast shape but also has a natural breast feeling.

Mentor vs Motiva Breast Lift

Motiva Breast Lift

Motiva is a company that has been serving the aesthetic-medical field for many years and provides quality products. Just like Mentor, Motiva’s products are used by experienced healthcare providers around the world. It produces implants in both round and unique ergonomic shapes. The ergonomic shape adapts to the movements of the body and is very similar to real breast tissue.

It is best known for its silicone gel implants. Soft and adaptive silicone is used to make it easier for patients to move. Minimizes the risk of tearing.

We have shared the information we know with you, but for detailed information, you should definitely contact health institutions or plastic surgeons and be examined. The surgeon determines what kind of implant your breast needs. You should definitely choose an implant that is well-known in the sector because breast surgeries are very important.

Many successful countries perform these surgeries. Having a breast lift in Turkey can be one of them. Be sure to research on the internet, read the comments made to the hospital or surgeon, and look at the photos before and after the surgery. Choose the best one for healthier breasts! By the way, you can benefit from any plastic surgery in Turkey.