Matt Pokora Hair Transplant Operation

Matt Pokora Hair Transplant

Who is Matt Pokora?

Matt Pokora is a French singer and songwriter. He was born on May 26, 1986, in Strasbourg, France. His full name is Matthieu Totta. He joined Pop Star France when he was 18 years old and after that, he released his album M. Pokora and he attained success with this album. He is loved in European countries, especially by young people. 

Matt Pokora Hair Transplant

Almost everyone undergoes the surgery of hair transplantation. Both genetic and environmental factors can cause hair loss. Many people today have hair transplant surgeries. Both non-famous people and famous people struggle with hair loss. One of the prominent people who underwent a hair transplant was the well-known French artist Matt Pokora in Europe. In Europe, the rate of hair loss is likewise extremely high.

Does Hair Transplant Look Natural?

Hair transplant techniques are very advanced with advancing the technology. Most people may be skeptical about hair transplantation, but hair transplantation operation is a very natural procedure that is done by many people these days. The problem of hair loss happens to most people. Hair loss after a certain age or hair loss due to genetic factors is a very normal condition. Most people with hair loss are afraid to have a hair transplant operation. After having a hair transplant, they are afraid of not having a natural appearance. 

However, this is not the case. Many clinics and doctors perform hair transplantation operations quite successfully. So, you don’t need to be afraid before you have a hair transplant. If you agree with a successful clinic in the field, you can have very natural-looking hair.

How Successful a Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a reliable operation, but there are some points that you need to pay attention to for this.

  • The clinic you have agreed with must perform successful hair transplantation operations.
  • The clinic you agree with must be very hygienic.
  • Your hair analysis should be done before the operation. In this way, the doctor will know if you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation.
  • You must have a blood test before the hair transplantation operation. You should make sure that your doctor asks you for a preliminary examination.
  • Although hair transplantation is a successful procedure, some clinics are unfortunately not so successful. Therefore, you should have done good research. For this, you can look at the social media of the clinics or contact the sales representatives.
  • Before and after hair transplantation, you need to follow the instructions your doctor tells you.
  • You must be patient. Patience is very important for this operation.

If you apply these substances, your hair transplantation operation will be successful. Today, the success rate of hair transplantation in the market varies between 90% and 95%.

Is Hair Transplant Risk for Life?

Hair transplantation is a generally successful operation, but some people are forbidden to have this operation. Grafts are transplanted into the scalp, and this is a surgical procedure. Although local anesthesia is applied, it is forbidden for people with some diseases to have this operation. Here are the diseases for which hair transplantation operation is prohibited:

  • If you have scalp disease, you cannot have a hair transplant operation.
  • Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are forbidden to have a hair transplant operation.
  • If you have an active disease and are receiving treatment, it is forbidden to have this operation.
  • If you have diseases such as liver failure, or kidney disease, this operation is forbidden.
  • If no hair on the head can be taken as a donor, that is, if the person is completely bald, this operation cannot be performed. Instead, prosthetic hair is recommended.
  • This hair transplantation operation is not recommended for blood pressure and diabetes patients.
  • Hemophilia patients should have a blood test before the operation. Not recommended, though.
  • People with blood-borne diseases such as hepatitis C and HIV are forbidden to have hair transplantation operations.
  • Hair transplantation is not performed before the age of 24. At this age, the body is too young for this operation.

What Age Is Too Late for a Hair Transplant?

As we get older, chronic diseases increase. Therefore, it is very important how old the people who have hair transplants are. It is forbidden for people with chronic diseases to have hair transplantation operations. Before the operation, the doctor asks you for certain blood tests. It can be dangerous to have a hair transplant operation after the age of 55 – 60. For this reason, it would be a good choice for you to have this operation in middle age.