John Travolta Hair Transplant Operation

John Travolta Hair Transplant

Who is John Travolta?

On February 18, 1954, John Travolta was born in the US. He is an actor and singer. John Travolta, who has been on the screen for many years, is a very successful artist.

John Travolta Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a problem that happens to many men. Hair loss is influenced by genetic, hormonal, environmental, drug, stress, excessive smoking, and alcohol usage. John Travolta was one of those men who experienced this hair loss. The famous actor and singer had a big hair loss problem years ago. However, later, the famous actor had a hair transplant and now the problem of hair loss has disappeared. There is always a solution to hair loss and this solution is permanent.

What Did John Travolta Do to His Hair?

Years ago, John Travolta had very little hair. But then we suddenly saw him on the screens, having extremely bushy hair. This also began to be talked about by John’s fans. Everyone wondered what he was doing with his hair. But the answer is pretty obvious: The hair Transplant Process. Hair loss is a problem that can happen to anyone, and John Travolta has eliminated this problem by having a hair transplant.

What is Hair Transplant?

Transplantation of healthy hair follicles to areas where there is no hair follicle by microsurgical methods is called hair transplantation. In hair transplantation, the patient who experiences hair loss is transplanted with his hair. Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent solution. If the person who has hair loss problems follows the instructions of the doctor, the hair transplantation is carried out professionally and the person will have permanent hair. Healthy hair is transferred to the area where baldness is located through grafts. A graft contains 2 or 3 hair follicles.

What is Graft?

The term graft is a medical term. However, in hair transplantation, it is called a piece of tissue. It means a piece of tissue prepared for placement in the area to be transplanted. There are dermis and hair follicles in the graft. Grafts containing more than one hair follicle are transplanted according to the doctors’ planning where the baldness occurs.

How Long Do Hair Grafts Last?

What we call a hair graft makes the transplant. This question is the same as asking whether hair transplantation is permanent. But the answer is quite simple. Yes, hair transplantation is permanent. If you properly comply with your doctor’s instructions after the hair transplant operation, you will have lush hair about a year from now. 

Is One Hair Transplant Enough?

Generally, one hair transplant is enough to regrow your hair. However, in certain patients, this could not be the case. What you need to pay attention to is whether you follow your doctor’s instructions after the operation is completed. If you don’t do what the doctor says, your hair follicles may be damaged, and your hair may fall out again. So, make sure you manage the whole hair transplantation process correctly.

Which Age is Best for a Hair Transplant?

Hair loss that starts after the age of 50 is normal. Therefore, it is recommended to have hair transplantation after the age of 50. However, the person may face the problem of hair loss before the age of 50. Environmental and hormonal factors can cause a person to experience hair loss at an earlier age. Therefore, no age is specified as “mandatory” for hair transplantation, but in general, men who experience hair loss after the age of 50 are operated on for this procedure. 

How Long Does the Pain Last After Hair Transplant?

During hair transplantation, you will not feel any pain thanks to local anesthesia. However, pain may be experienced after the operation, which is quite natural. Your doctor will give you painkillers after the operation, you can relieve your pain by using those painkillers. You may experience pain that lasts for an average of 2 days, but it is possible to pass this pain with painkillers.