Hair Treatment: When and Why?

Hair treatment is a different group of procedures that is for preventing hair loss. Under normal conditions, approximately 50-100 strands of hair are shed every day, completing their life, and a new strand takes its place. An increase in this number or thinning of the hair causes a decrease in hair volume and thinning.

What are the causes of abnormal shedding?

The most common causes of abnormal shedding are genetic and hormonal factors, improper diet, stress, post-pregnancy period, and vitamin deficiencies. Also, skin diseases that cause hair breakage or damage to the roots, and some systemic diseases, especially infections, anemia, and thyroid diseases, can cause hair loss.

Types of Hair Treatment

After revealing the factors that cause hair loss in treatment, experts should select the most appropriate treatment alternatives for the cause. It is possible to reverse hair loss with treatments for the detected cause.
In the treatment of hair loss, in addition to medical treatments, there are also auxiliary treatments that stop hair loss, accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, and increase its nutrition.

Which Individuals Are the Candidate for This Type of Hair Treatment?

  • Hair thinning in men (androgenetic alopecia), In research on men, early treatment is more successful.
  • Before or after transplantation, many desire to keep their existing hair,
  • Traction (due to pulling) spills on the forehead in the event of diffuzalopecia, which is common in women (general shedding circumstances such as after diet, stress-related, seasonal shedding),
  • Those with alopeciaareta disease (ringworm),
  • If you have a postpartum spill,
  • Patients who have noticed thinning, brittleness, or a loss of gloss and volume in their hair.
  • It is possible to use if your hair grows slowly, breaks easily, and seems dull and untidy.

Hair Treatment: When and Why?

It would be good to know it is not for the people who are:

  • Pregnant and lactating,
  • Those with an immunological disease, those with an autoimmune disease who are in the active period
  • Cancer patients,
  • Unregulated diabetics,
  • People on anticoagulant therapy or people with bleeding disorders,
  • Those who have infection or inflammation in the area where the expert performs the hair treatment,
  • People with cicatricelalopecia are not suitable patients for hair mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy Hair Treatment

Mesotherapy refers to an additional and alternative treatment applied as an injection of a drug into the skin layer obtained from the mesoderm. Also, It defines to treat hair loss as well as diseases such as facial rejuvenation and cellulite. Experts prepare mesotherapy drugs for each treatment consisting of a mixture of different chemicals.

The process of providing nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, some antioxidants, and proteins that hair cells need to the middle layer of the skin where the hair follicles exist, has the name hair mesotherapy with syringes containing thin and disposable sterile needles for mesotherapy. Equally important with this method, experts transfer the nutrients directly to the hair follicles. This easy-to-use method provides good nutrition to the hair cells and prevents hair loss.

The application is possible to make manually or using computer devices. The use of computerized devices is better for even distribution of the drug in each area. The application uses 2-4 mm needles. With this application, experts easily apply all the nutrients needed by the hair cells to the scalp. It is possible to say it is painless and that does not require surgery.

How is Mesotherapy Applied to Hair?

Since hair loss is a common problem, various methods exist for treatment. For example hair loss, hair transplants, laser technology, and many more treatments. Mesotherapy is one of the treatment methods to prevent hair loss and provide healthy hair. Likewise, It stimulates the mesoderm to greatly reduce the loss of complaints. Before hair mesotherapy, after a special massage is applied to the scalp, the skin is softened by thermotherapy (steam application).

When experts apply mesotherapy to hair, they prepare the offered chemical mixture according to the structure of the hair, the shape and density of the shedding, and the rate of wear. Accordingly, these compounds include blood circulation enhancers, vitamins, and various trace elements. The prepared mixture is delivered to the middle layer of the skin using a microinjector with sterile mesotherapy needles at the end.

Mesotherapy is done manually or with mesotherapeutic drugs. However, it is very difficult and time-consuming to adjust the dosage of the drug and apply it evenly to the surface of the scalp during manual application. A computer-controlled mesotherapy gun can be applied to the entire scalp more easily and evenly. The dose of the drug can be viewed on a computer screen.

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