Hair loss is an important matter. That is why people generally become worried when there are experiencing hair loss. On a healthy hairy skin, there is approximately 100 thousand hair. Showering and combing the hair can cause to lose 100-150 hair strands in a day. If there is more than that, then it may be identified as a problem. The main reasons are:

  • Genetic factors
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Thyroid
  • Pregnancy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Telegon effluvium
  • Dermatological diseases
  • Psychological reasons

Genetic Factors of Hair Loss

The reasons of hair fall on men and women are different. Genetic hair loss or testosteron hair loss are generally obswerved on men. These are generallly chronical and with increasing the age, baldness problems occur and may need hair transplant. Experts recommend mesotherapy the baldness cure and hair growth.

On women, also genetic factors occur. Nowadays young women between 16-18 experience teenage hair loss as the young men. The reason of this fact is; high stress, being hungry for a long time, malnutrition and also hormonal reason. Hair fall on women is also controlable as hair fall on men.

Androgenetic Alopecia

The most common reason of hair falling out androgenetic alopecia. People generally experience this kind of problem, temporal sides and at the top of the head. Therefore the appearance may become a matter for them.

On women, androgenetic alopecia happens due to hormonal reasons.


If the thyroid gland works low or high, it is also may be the one of the causes of hair fall. Treatment of this problem will be also the hair fall treatment.

Pregnancy Hair Loss

It is the post-partum hair loss which begins after 2-3 months after the pregnancy. The hairs which needed to fall during the pregnancy may sometimes run down in the post-partum period altogether. An expert help will solve the matter.


Chemotherapy is also an another reason to hair loss. Lately, with the help of the modern medicine sector, hair fall control became easier.

Hair Loss Due To Telegon Effluvium

On this reason, the hair begin to fall in the phase of telogen (resting phase). In this phase, the falling may be a handful.

It is a temporal problem, the main reasons of this is hyper stress, operation, pregnancy, rapid weight lost, medicine usage etc. To be sure about the reason, consult with your doctor.

Dermatological Diseases

Dermatological or internal diseases is also the reason for this problem. Skin-oriented problems are generally; psoriasis, eczema, acne, lichen planus (LP), over-oiled skin, fungus. When the main disease is treated, hair falling problem will also be solved.

Psychological Reasons

Hyper-stress is sometimes main reason of the hair problems as in any other disease. Depression, anxiety, psychosis and also with their treatment may cause hair fall.

Hair is a live organ which you need to observe and solve if there is any problem that may affect your life. As it mentioned before, it may be the sypmtom of another disease or may cause esthetical problems.

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Resource: Erdem Hospital