For Hair Transplant: The Most Exact Things to Know

A hair transplant is a procedure that you need to adjust according to time, place, and situation. Here are some tips for hair transplants you may not know.

The Most Exact Age For Hair Transplant

Since the cause of hair loss in people is different. Determining the appropriate age when it comes to hair transplantation will be different for each person. Because the hair loss process needs to finish. Also, the baldness model must be determined beforehand. For this, it is imperative to consult a specialist. After making the necessary examinations and tests. The doctor takes the cause of hair loss and the physical condition of the person into account and makes the final decision accordingly. As a result, the success rate at work will increase and the results will be beautiful and satisfying

In general, the minimum age for that in men and women is 18. Because under the age of 18 growth and maturity are still going on. So experts recommend never having a hair transplant before this age. People who do this at a very young age will experience hair loss again over time. But the hair bank lost its roots. As a result, work productivity will improve, and the end output will be beautiful and satisfying.

The Most Exact Time For a Hair Transplant

It is not technically important in which season hair transplantation occur Only in the seasons when hair loss accelerates, hair density may decrease. The person can evaluate this situation according to his/her hair structure and apply it to the doctor for transplantation. Some doctors say that sun exposure is necessary for hair transplant operations for applying to the forehead and crown area, and argue that the best time for this procedure is autumn.

At certain times, there may be excessive density in hair transplant centers. It may be more correct to wait for this density to pass and have hair transplanted in a quieter period. Because in cases where the density is less, a more careful hair transplant operation applicant is possible for the person.

For Hair Transplant: The Most Exact Things to Know

The Most Exact Season

There is no special season for this operation and the hair transplantation process is easy to do 12 months of the year. Only in some months and seasonal transitions, hair loss may increase or decrease according to the individual. each person will verify the acceptable time for hair transplantation by observing this method in step with their hair structure.

When deciding when to plant, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is important to know that people who decide to have this operation in the summer should stay away from swimming and the sun for 10 days after the operation. In the winter, you should protect your head from the cold by wearing cotton and non-tightening hats after hair transplant procedures.

After the hair transplant operation, light crusting and redness on the skin should stay away from exposure to excessive sun rays while they are in the healing process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is hair transplant good for hair?

The hair transplant surgery may be a viable alternative for those who are experiencing hair thinning or loss. It may not be a semi-permanent treatment for cutting hair, however, it will facilitate many folks regain hair fullness and confidence.

Is hair transplant 100 successful?

Grafts must survive and adapt to new regions where they are transplanted for hair transplants to be successful. Clinical studies show that 85-95 percent of all implanted grafts flourish in their new location.

Can onion regrow hair?

Researchers discovered that hair growth began when the fortnight of applying onion juice doubled daily to the scalp. Over 74 percent of people had some hair regrowth after four weeks, and about 87 percent had hair regrowth after six weeks.