David Silva Hair Transplant Operation

David Silva Hair Transplant

Who is David Silva?

His full name is David Josué Jiménez Silva. He was born on 8 January 1986 in Arguineguin, Spain. 

Known as a very diligent and ambitious football player, David Silva is known by the nickname The Future of Spain. He played 78 times for the Spanish national team and scored 3 goals in total. He is one of the favorites of EURO 2008.

David Silva Hair Transplant

David Silva has had a hair transplants operation like many footballers and celebrities. Because of the stress in their lives, most football players struggle with hair loss. Numerous football players have submitted applications for hair transplant procedures as a result. Hair transplantation is a very normal procedure, and there is nothing shameful about it. Hair transplantation is now widely used to treat hair loss issues in people from all over the world.

Can I Walk After a Hair Transplant?

After the hair transplantation operation, of course, you can walk. In this procedure, only your scalp is numbed, otherwise, your consciousness is clear, so there is no obstacle in your walking. Sit for a while after the operation. You may feel a headache or dizziness as your scalp is treated. But an hour after the operation, you can walk, there is no obstacle to this. 

Can I Fly After Hair Transplant?

If you have gone to another country for hair transplantation, you must stay in that country for at least one week after the operation. Because hair transplantation requires a process and after the hair is transplanted, the doctor again calls you to the clinic. After the operation, if anything bad happens, you must stay in the country where you have the transplant so that the doctor can intervene. Therefore, you should stay in the country where you have planted for between 1 week and 10 days.

Why Does Hair Transplant Go Wrong?

There can be many reasons for this. Hair transplantation is a reliable operation, but it depends on which clinic or doctor you agree with. Unfortunately, some clinics are not as successful as it is thought. With your original research, you can find out which clinic is good. Apart from that, if the patient does not follow the instructions of his/her doctor, for example, if he needs to quit smoking two weeks before the operation but has not quit, excessive bleeding may occur during the operation, which may damage the hair follicles. Due to such reasons, hair transplantation operations may fail. For this reason, follow your doctor’s instructions and be very careful after the hair transplantation operation.

Are You Awake During a Hair Transplant?

During the hair transplant operation, you are conscious, yet you do not feel anything because the doctor numbs your scalp. Many patients are afraid that they hurt during the operation, but this is not true. Normally, you are conscious during this operation, but sedatives can be applied for patients who are very afraid of the operation and panic. This depends entirely on the reaction of the patient. But nowadays, technology has advanced a lot, you no longer feel any pain in hair transplantation operations.

Do Hair Transplants Look Fake?

Everyone has a hairline, and a doctor designs a hair transplant operation for you by doing a study on this hairline before the operation. The appropriate hair transplantation technique is determined for your hair type and hair transplantation is performed by calculating the direction of the hair in the area where the baldness is. About a year after the operation, you will have very natural-looking hair. You can hear something about hair transplantation from everywhere. Some information may be misinformation, but a hair transplantation operation is an operation where you have a very reliable and natural appearance.