Before Hair Transplant Process

Multi-effect treatment techniques have been implemented with the developing medical technology for hair loss problems. Especially in hair transplantation procedures, the precautions to be taken before the operation have a very effective effect on the success of treatment. The operation process can be easily controlled if a few points are observed before the hair transplant. In our blog, you can find details about hair transplants before the process.

What To Do Before Hair Transplantation?

Hair follicles, which are healthy in the hair transplant process, are planted in the area with openness and sparseness. This form of treatment is an effective and permanent method for hair loss. At the same time, a full recovery requires a long time. Sometimes it may be necessary to perform multiple operations over time to get the best results.

On the morning of the operation, the nurses will draw blood from you. You and the doctor have a final conversation about your needs and expectations. Then your doctor determines your hairline. If all goes well, the process will start.

Health Problems to Consider Before Hair Transplant

If you have a chronic disease such as diabetes and blood pressure, you should inform your doctor about this. In addition, especially if you are taking blood thinning drugs, you should stop using this drug at least ten days before the procedure. Your doctor will already receive detailed information about your health before the procedure. However, be sure to provide all the details to your doctor.

Minoxidil Before Hair Transplant

One of the most commonly asked questions of patients who want to have hair transplantation is “Is it good to use Minoxidil before a hair transplant?” Minoxidil, a topical drug, is a drug that is highly effective in growing hair. However, we do not recommend using it before hair transplantation. Your scalp must be clean before the operation. Your doctor will apply local anesthesia so that you do not feel pain during the procedure.

Smoking Before Hair Transplant

Smoking in the processes before and after hair transplantation is also among the most curious topics. Since smoking accelerates blood flow, we recommend not using it before the operation. However, it is important not to smoke for at least a week after hair transplantation to keep the bleeding under control.

Alcohol Before Hair Transplant

Alcohol has blood-thinning properties. Therefore, we recommend that you leave at least a week before the operation. Otherwise, the difficulty of clotting in a possible hemorrhagic complication that may occur during the operation will have a major effect on the success of the operation in the opposite direction.

Hair Therapy Before Hair Transplant

Patients are often asked if hair therapy is performed first in hair transplantation. A hair treatment procedure is typically applied as a supportive treatment after hair transplantation. The hair transplanted after the operation grows very healthy. However, with treatments such as therapy, this process is both accelerated and progressed more healthily.

Precautions Before Hair Transplant

The measures you should take before this process are:

  • If possible, you need to stop smoking 1 week before the operation.
  • You should stop drinking alcohol 1 week before the operation.
  • You should not consume beverages containing coffee and caffeine.
  • A week before hair transplantation, you should stop consuming green tea.
  • You should inform the physicians who will perform hair transplantation about the medications you use due to chronic (sugar, heart, blood pressure, etc.) or acute diseases.
  • Stop applying drugs and lotions to your scalp and hair 1 month before the operation.
  • Wash your hair before coming to the operation and do not use hair styling or hardening products such as jelly or spray.

On Procedure Day

Before Hair Transplant Process

On the day of the operation, the nurses will draw blood from you early in the morning. Your doctor will examine you in detail. Your hairline is determined by your expectations. Take care to wear loose clothes so that the procedure is comfortable. It would be best if you dressed in a shirt. However, take care to have breakfast on the way to the operation. You need to be full so that your blood sugar does not drop during the procedure.

Why Do They Take Your Blood Before Hair Transplant?

Each clinic has to perform a detailed blood test before the hair transplantation procedure. If this blood test reveals that you have blood-related diseases such as Hepatitis C or HIV, hair transplantation cannot be performed. For this reason, HIV tests and other infectious disease tests are carried out first in hair transplantation.

HIV Test Before Hair Transplant

In hair transplantation, an HIV test is performed first. For this test, a tube of blood is taken from the patient. In addition to HIV, other infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are also tested.

Diet Before Hair Transplant

It is not possible to eat or drink anything during the hair transplantation process. Therefore, you need to come to the operation fully saturated. If your operation is to be done in the morning, have breakfast and come back. If it’s going to be done in the afternoon, make sure you’ve had your lunch. In addition, we do not recommend a special diet before hair transplantation. However, if you are diabetic, you should contact your doctor and plan this process.

Since hair transplantation is performed in more than 6 hours, this may be a problem in patients who have to use insulin. Therefore, always plan with your doctor by calculating your hunger time and insulin needs.

For detailed information about hair transplantation processes for patients with diabetes, you can check out our article titled ‘Hair Transplant Procedures for Diabetes Patients ‘.

Haircut Before Hair Transplant

Thanks to the latest technologies, patients do not need to have haircuts before the operation. This process is now taking shape within your needs. If your doctor does not consider the haircut necessary for some areas, she or he does not make a haircut.

What Should You Wear During the Operation?

We recommended wearing a baggy T-shirt or shirt during the operation. Do not wear an outfit that is too tight for you or harder to remove. Your doctor will cover the hair transplant incision area with a bandage. However, we still recommend that you choose clothes that you can easily dress up and remove to protect this area.

Before a Hair Transplant Body

Before hair transplantation, you should have an opinion against all possibilities and get information about the whole procedure. You can get incorrect information from your surroundings and social networks before hair transplantation. Naturally, it is very important to get an expert opinion about hair transplantation. You should remember that many factors affect hair transplantation.

Many factors such as graft quality, shedding, donor area density, age, eating habits, alcohol, and smoking affect the results of hair transplantation. First of all, you should determine how much hair transplantation you need to get an accurate result in hair transplantation. You can start this by accurately determining its current openness. This assessment should be made correctly and understandably explained to the person.

Before After Hair Transplant Turkey

Before Hair Transplant Process

Patients who want to have hair transplantation in Turkey are very curious about the processes before and after hair transplantation. These processes are very comfortable in Turkey. Because the whole procedure is planned by experienced doctors. The points to be considered by the patients before the procedure are explained in detail. However, all the expectations of the patient are listened to and every positive or negative detail they may encounter is explained to the patients. For this reason, hair transplantation procedures are carried out smoothly and successfully in Turkey.

Do I Have To Have Breakfast Before Hair Transplant?

As we mentioned above, we strongly recommend that you have breakfast before the hair transplant operation. Because it is not possible to eat or drink anything during the process. Especially if you have diabetes, you should inform your doctor about this.

Do You Need to Shave Before Hair Transplant?

Shaving your head makes the process easier. However, this does not necessarily mean that you need to shave. You can only do a light shave to protect your hairstyle. However, we strongly recommend that you follow the advice of your doctor. All of these also apply to the processes before and after hair transplants in females.

Does Transplanted Hair Grow Before Shedding?

After a painless hair transplant, transplanted hair is necessarily shed. This period lasts 1.5-2 months. Then healthy and strong hair is replaced by hair that is shed. However, it is very rare for new hair to grow after the procedure without any hair loss. This varies from person to person.

Is Artificial Hair Implant Possible?

It is possible to perform an artificial hair transplant if the patient wants to. For this, the patient undergoes a tolerance test. If the patient passes the tolerance test, transplantation can be performed. An artificial hair transplant is carried out with hair made of polyamide fibers. The transplantation process is carried out through an implant under local anesthesia.

The implant places synthetic hair about 0.3mm below the scalp. But this type of hair transplantation has some drawbacks. For example, since the hair planted in natural hair transplantation belongs to the patient himself, the body does not perceive these hair follicles as foreign substances. However, in artificial hair transplantation, the body perceives the artificial hair follicles planted as foreign substances.

Does Hair Transplant Surgery Work?

Hair transplantation is the most effective and permanent treatment method for the treatment of hair loss. For the operation to be successful, the procedure must be performed by an experienced doctor. However, the quality of the devices used is also very important. These are very important factors for all dhi and fue transplants before and after processes.

Can You Get Hair Implants?

If you have long-term hair transplantation problems and your scalp has openness or sparseness, hair transplantation is the ideal treatment for you. However, you must be over 18 years of age to have this operation. Hair plantation treatment has a lasting effect on life.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I use hair fibers after a hair transplant?

Do not apply hard or soft objects to your scallops for at least a month after this procedure. When this period is over, seek advice from your doctor about the products you will use.

Are hair transplants safe?

Hair transplantation procedures performed by an experienced doctor are quite safe. Therefore, be sure of the experience of the doctor who will perform your procedure.

What is the right age for a hair transplant?

If you are between 20 and 65 years old, you can have a hair transplant operation. There is no age limit for these surgeries. Hair loss can start genetically at an early age and continue until advanced ages. The earlier those who experience hair loss take precautions, the more positive the treatment will be.