Antoine Contre Hair Transplant Operation

Antoine Contra Hair Transplant

Who is Antonie Conte?

He was born on July 31, 1969, in Lecce, Italy. Antonia Conte is a former footballer and now a football coach. 

He started his football career in his hometown of Lecce. In 1992, he transferred to Juventus. He played for the Italy national football team. He played in the FIFA World Championship and the 2000 European Football Championship. 

After retiring from football, he worked as a coach for the Juventus football team. He is currently a football coach at Tottenham.

Antonia Conte Hair Transplant

Former footballer Antonie Conte, now a coach, is one of the footballers who had a hair transplant operation. Most football players face the problem of hair loss due to the stressful life they experience. For this reason, many footballers have applied for hair transplantation operations. Hair transplantation is very natural, and there is nothing to be ashamed of in it. Today, many people from around the world experience hair loss problems and have hair transplantation to prevent it.

Our doctors examined Antonia Conte’s hair and found the transplant quite professional. Antonia Conte has had two hair transplant operations. Although the first operation was not very successful, the second operation was quite successful. Our doctors think that Antonia had a hair transplant with the FUE technique.

How Can I Hide My Head After Hair Transplant?

Most patients want to hide this after having a hair transplant operation. Maybe they don’t like the image, or maybe they want to hide the fact that they have this operation. If you want to keep it after having a hair transplant operation, there are of course some solutions for this. 

First, nothing should touch your hair for the first three days. Therefore, it is not possible to hide your hair for the first three days. Already in the first three days, the patient only needs to rest. That’s why we recommend that you do not leave the house. You may have headaches from time to time, but if you drink painkillers, this pain goes away. You should avoid sports. Nothing should touch your hair. 

Your doctor tells you how to care for your hair after you do your first hair wash. Then, if your doctor allows, you can wear a hat on your hair. Two weeks after the operation, the crusts on your scalp disappear.

Can I Drink Coffee After Hair Transplant?

After performing the hair transplantation operation, you need to be very careful for a few days. For example, you should not touch your hair. It is also forbidden to consume cigarettes and alcohol for a certain period. One wonders if it is forbidden to drink coffee, but it is forbidden to consume coffee for a while. Since it contains caffeine, it is not beneficial to the scalp and grafts. The doctor knows best when you should drink coffee. So, you can ask your doctor all your questions. Be careful not to do anything other than his directives.

Can I Go to Work the Day After Hair Transplant?

You need to rest after having a hair transplant operation. This resting process varies according to the number of grafts transplanted into your scalp, that is, the importance of the surgery. We recommend that you take at least 10 days off from work. Already in the first three days, you just need to rest. At the end of these three days, you should again be sensitive to your scalp and transplanted hair. You should avoid sports that make you sweat, you should use a neck pillow while sleeping. So, contact your doctor for every detail. You are forbidden to go to work for the first three days but resting at home for at least 1 week is still recommended.