3 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures 2023

People want to enhance their looks. In this era where technology dominates, there are many medical improvements in plastic surgery.

The demand for plastic surgery is predicted to stay high in 2023. However, the most three demanded plastic surgery has appeared.
Need help to choose the right plastic surgery? Our blog article can guide you!

So, what are these 3 popular plastic surgeries?


3 Most Popular Plastic Surgery 2023

We start with rhinoplasty! A nose is the most salient part of our body, and it changes our appearance.

People who dislike their nose’s shape or have a medical concern apply for this surgery. It is common and many plastic surgeons perform it.

Rhinoplasty is a medical procedure that realizes the patient’s demands and surgeon’s recommendations.
The primary aim is to accord the patient’s nose for his or her face or, treat the medical problem that happened.

Rhinoplasty requires attention despite excellent results. You should maintain your nose and follow your surgeon’s recommendation after the surgery.

People wonder which surgeon or country is relevant. So, we went deeper for you! Lots of people find Turkey successful in rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries. Rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey is better because of its experience and reasonable prices.

Breast Augmentation

3 Most Popular Plastic Surgery 2023

Men and women both have breasts, but their function differs in women. Women with child feed them due to breast and we call it breast milk. When we consider the medical factors, a breast is multi mission and women’s breasts are bigger than men.

However, women with small breasts could encounter a droopy breast problem.

We see breasts as aesthetic and attractive. Women with small breasts can consider enlarging them.

Having a breast augmentation comes to mind first!

In cosmetic aims, surgeons apply breast augmentation to make women’s breasts more shaped and good.

Women apply for this surgery in high numbers because:

  • Lack of self-confidence caused by small breasts,
  • Feeling of emptiness in the chest area


  • Removal of breast tissue after breast cancer treatment
  • Women also can apply for this surgery because of congenital breast anomalies.

The surgeon applies general anesthesia during the surgery. During the surgery, the surgeon inserts the implants into the breasts. He or she can insert it under the breast tissue or the chest muscle.

Breast augmentation results are permanent.

This surgery is important, and you should be careful about choosing the right surgeon. You can search on the internet but as we know, breast augmentation in Turkey has a huge success rate.

Tummy Tuck

3 Most Popular Plastic Surgery 2023

Putting on or losing weight or giving birth is a fact of life, so we can accept a bulging tummy as normal.

Tummy Tuck is a surgery that is performed in people with a bulging tummy. Plastic surgeons apply it. The surgeon applies the abdomen lifting (Tummy Tuck) method and thus, the bulging tummy disappears. This procedure is not painful.

Many people worldwide search for the best country/doctor for this high-success surgery. Tummy Tuck in Turkey is a great option with its experienced surgeons and modern facilities.