Eyebrows take part in shaping our faces and make us feel better about our appearences. Some of us unfortunately may born with or some develop eyebrow loss which is is a rare and disturbing condition.

This situation is more annoying for women generally, since high eyebrows help women to look more attractive. There are several factors to lose eyebrows ;

Congenital eyebrow absence

Scar formations

Stress related eyebrow loss

False cosmetic applications

Overplucking eyebrows

Skin diseases

Luckily FUE hair transplant method is the solution to avoid this condition, and healing time is much quicker than the hair transplant.


Usually the patient is first asked to recreate the eyebrow known as desired eyebrow.

Procedure takes place under local anesthetics.

Hair grafts are extracted from the donor area,which is back of the head, one by one.

Out of body time for grafts has to be under 1 hour.

Surgeon transplants each individual hair into the eyebrow line in the chosen shape.

Recipient area is kept open, and donor area dressings are for 2 days.

Bruise and swelling can last for few days.

Results will be seen in the new eyebrow shape and outline. But some sheddings can occur during the growth process, which is usual due to 3 stages of hair growth. Full results will be visible after a couple of months.