Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation, breast enlargement or breast surgery is the procedure that increases the breast size using fillers like saline implants, silicone gel implants, as well as using fat transfer in some cases. It’s amongst the most popular and widely used surgeries.

Breast enlargement surgery is amongst the most efficient procedures to rectify evident breast irregularity as well as breast implants can be utilized to rectify tuberous breast defects.

Who is Eligible for Surgery?

You are eligible for breast enlargement surgery if:

You are 22+ years old

You have unbalanced and smaller size breasts either biologically or because of increasing age, breastfeeding, or unexpected weight loss.

You have bending breasts

You have gone thorugh some breast surgery like Mammectomy e

Which Techniques to be Used?

According to your anatomy as well as your anticipated outcomes, the cosmetic surgeon can use one of these techniques to do breast implants:

Endoscopic Abdominoplasty

A minimally-aggressive procedure used for addressing only relaxed stomach muscles that produce a very small scar.

Inframammary Breast Surgery

It involves a small incision made in the wrinkle under the breast known as the inframammary fold. It makes a thin, 1-2 inch scar which can be easily covered in the crease.

Peri-Areolar Breast Surgery

Here, the incision is done around the external edge of areola, so that the resultant scar is positioned within the natural transition pigmentation. All the cosmetic surgeons often utilize this type if they do a mild-to-moderate breast lift together. .

Trans-axillary Breast Surgery

This includes a smaller incision done inside the armpit through that the cosmetic surgeon positions the breast implants using the specialized camera as well as instruments to make sure optimal placement. It leaves just a tiny scar within armpit however gets breast augmentation without any scars on the breast.

Transumbilical Breast Surgery

The time required for the breast lift surgery ot fat transfer to the breast takes 1-2 hours. You need 4-6 weeks to get recovered from breast augmentation surgery and 2-4 weeks to get recovered from fat transfer to the breast process.

Pre-Operation Process

Using of Medicine Don’t use any medicines having ibuprofen, aspirin, Vitamin E or non-steroidal antiinflammatory medications.
Stay Away from... Avoid all the nicotine products like pipe tobacco, cigarettes, or Nicotine patch.
Don't Use Alcohol Avoid all the nicotine products like pipe tobacco, cigarettes, or Nicotine patch.
Ensure the All Tests Please make sure that all the laboratory tests have been completed before the the breast augmentation. .

Treatment Process

Breast Implants Breast implants are positioned either behind the breast or behind the muscle where the breast is rooted.
Easy Option Putting breat implants behind a breast is the easiest option. .
for Slim Women Putting breast implants under a muscle provides additional padding to slim women.
General Info Breast implants are generally inserted through the cut in a crease underneath the breast. They could also get inserted using the cut in an armpit or nearby the areola. At times, a drain is left in for draining away blood or fluid. It gets removed after 1-2 days on a ward. .