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Brachioplasty in Turkey

Brachioplasty in Turkey

What is Brachioplasty?

Aesthetic surgery deals with every part of the body. It is in an approach that aims to correct congenital, later-developing and time-related problems. The upper part of our arms is also attracting attention as the areas that are desired to be corrected with arm lift and/or arm thinning surgeries with increasing tightening.

From time to time, the problem of sagging in the arms may occur due to reasons such as age factor or weight gain. The sagging can be eliminated by surgical intervention on the upper arm skin, where sagging is observed for different reasons. Depending on the level of sagging, a solution can be found with sports and exercises. However, in an advanced sagging, an arm stretching operation is absolutely necessary. Especially if there is excess skin, an intervention other than the operation will not be enough.

Brachioplasty Methods

Arm lift operations have been in serious demand in recent years by people who care about aesthetic appearance. The success rate of the operations can also be counted among the reasons that increase the demand. Working with an experienced team is also one of the factors affecting success.

There are two different approaches to the solution of the thickening problems of the upper arm region, depending on the degree of the problem.
• Upper arm stretching surgery, which allows both the thinning of the arms and the elimination of the sagging problem
• Liposuction surgery with scarless results, which will allow thinning of the arms.

Arm Lift Aesthetic Surgery

Depending on the sagging rate of the skin in the arm pockects and the thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue, the arm lift aesthetic surgery and method are decided. Arm lift surgeries are performed under general-local anesthesia according to the patient's condition. Those who have surgery under local anesthesia can be discharged on the same day under the control of a doctor, while those who have arm lift surgery under general anesthesia can be discharged the next day. Arm lift surgery time is 1.5-2 hours. Two days after the arm lift plastic surgery, the patient can take a bath. The patient can start sports activities after 1-1.5 months.

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Liposuction Method

Three different techniques are frequently used in the liposuction application used for arm stretching.

Tumescent Liposuction

This technique is one of the most commonly used liposuction procedures. In this method, also known as liposculpture, a large amount of dilute lidocaine (local anesthetic) and epinephrine (capillary constrictor) is injected into the fat tissue in the problem area, making the targeted tissue swollen and hard. By making very small incisions, excess fat tissues are removed with the help of micro cannulas. No damage is caused to the surrounding tissues during these procedures. This fat is then placed just below the surface of the skin. Thus, the arm becomes much more alive and fuller. Tumescent liposuction technique is performed under local anesthesia.

Laser Liposuction

In this technique, in which laser energy is used to liquefy the accumulated adipose tissue, the melted adipose tissue is thrown out of the body with the help of microcannulas. As in tumescent liposuction, it produces successful results without causing much damage to the surrounding tissues.
In addition, a sterile saline solution is used for a much faster recovery. Thus, the tightening of the skin after surgery is faster and more effective. Especially the laser helps to melt the fat cells that are difficult to reach through the fibrous tissue and tighten the skin on the arm, which is very beneficial for liposuction applied on the arm.

Vaser Liposuction

It uses heat from ultrasonic energy to break up adipose tissue and emulsify fat cells. The liquefied fat tissue is easily removed from the body through a thin cannula. Like laser liposuction, this technique uses advanced technology to provide maximum fat removal with minimal effect without damaging any surrounding tissue. Thus, a very natural and successful result emerges. The vaser liposuction method applied on the arm is a revolutionary fat removal process that provides instant solution and fast results.
No matter which liposuction technique is used, if there is excess skin, the excess skin should be surgically removed after these procedures. Sometimes the abundance of the skin is limited to the armpit, and sometimes it continues up to the elbow. In the first case, the excess skin can be recovered by leaving a limited scar that can only be hidden under the armpit. In the second case, the arm stretching process is completed by leaving a scar on the inner part of the arm. However, this scar is not obvious when viewed from the front or the back.

Before Brachioplasty Operation

Before arm lift surgery, patients must follow the doctor's recommendations. Before arm stretching surgery, the patient must follow some rules, just like in other surgeries. The most important reason for this is to ensure that the operation is comfortable.
Patients who will undergo surgery should pay attention to the medications they will use during the 4 or 5 days before the surgery. In particular, medications that dilute the blood, such as aspirin, should be avoided during this period.
During this examination and evaluation, your doctor learns your detailed medical history and your expectations for this operation. Your doctor wants to make sure you understand the expected scar after the operation because fading of the scars on the body is not like the face. It takes more time and requires more effort. If the amount of loose skin and sagging tissue is not too high, this procedure can also be planned as a combination of liposuction and/or a short scar operation. During the evaluation, you must first be suitable for a short-track operation. Your doctor may refer you to this operation if your skin is relatively elastic and the amount of tissue to be removed is medium-sized, if you do not have obvious sun-damaged skin and if you do not have very loose skin.

After Brachioplasty Operation

Sudden and excessive arm movements should be avoided. The suture line is followed with closed dressing for up to 1 week. Sea and pool; heavy work, using the arms is prohibited for 3 weeks. The patient can easily carry out his daily activities from the next day.
After the arm lifting operation, it is not appropriate to do active sports, especially in the arm area, for 3-4 weeks on average.
Edema may occur in the hands and forearms in the early period, that is, in the first 2 weeks, after the surgery; especially if liposuction is also performed. It is normal. Even this edema may be related to the arm corset. It is very good for the patient to remove the corset from time to time and rest for half an hour by lying in a position with the arms up. Lymphedema-like edema is not seen in the late period.

Brachioplasty Process



Duration of treatment

2-3 Hours

Stay in Istanbul

5 Days

Socially acceptable

7-8 Days

Brachioplasty Cost in Turkey

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Brachioplasty in Turkey FAQ

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It is good to be in Istanbul few days ago before the operation. You will need to do your examinations, blood tests or other details the day before the surgery.

As the standard procedure, you will spend the night at the hospital on the day of your surgery to follow your situation. After that, your first recovery will take 7-10 days and if you want to see some good sights in Istanbul, plan your vacation accordingly.

2-3 weeks later you will see that your recovery is about to be completed.

A brachioplasty, often known as an arm lift, is a surgical operation that reduces excessive, downward-drooping skin. Tightens and smoothes the supporting tissue beneath the skin that gives the upper arm its shape. It also reduces specific pockets of fat in the area of the upper arm.

Brachioplasty is a generally secure operation. But dangers are a part of any surgery. Your risks change with age, how much weight you dropped, and any health conditions you may have. They also rely on the surgical technique used by your doctor.

Typically, a brachioplasty will remove between 600 to 1800 grams, or 1.5 to 4 pounds, of fat and excess upper arm skin. You should be aware that this is not a weight-loss procedure.

It is typical to suffer bruising, swelling, numbness, pain, tightness, burning, and drainage from your incisions. It's possible for swelling to last for one to six months, and numbness will become better as the healing process goes on.

Adults with severe upper arm skin laxity are typically candidates for arm lifts. Adults of any age who are not significantly overweight and whose weight is rather steady. Healthy people free of illnesses that would hinder their ability to heal or put them at higher risk for surgery.

A brachioplasty, which involves a long lasting scar and is regarded as significant surgery, tightens the skin on the upper arm.

After surgery, you'll most likely need to wear a compression garment for three to four weeks. After surgery, it's crucial to refrain from heavy lifting and intense exercise for roughly a month. You should also skip using deodorant for two weeks.

Following your arm lift, your wounds will be stitched together with absorbable sutures or sutures that will be removed in one to two weeks.

Although there may be some swelling and bruising, brachioplasty produces smoother, tighter shapes that are visible practically soon after your treatment.

Small wound separations, dehiscence,seroma, lymphocele/lymphedema, inability to close the arm, poor scarring,  infection, hemorrhage, nerve compression/compartment syndrome, neuromas, and sensory loss are complications that might happen following brachioplasty.