Hair loss is a common type of the hair problems due to different reasons as lack of vitamins or minerals, poor nutrition, hormones, some skin diseases, genetic predisposition, hair development disorders, some medicine, pychological reasons etc. Hair restoration is a medical support to help people in this matter. It is important to have hair follicles to transfer for providing the process. Hair restoration is suitable for people who is healthy and over the age 22.

What is Hair Restoration?

As a medical and esthetic case people who suffer from hair loss may have wonder about if hair transplantation is suitable for them. With this operation experts transfer the hairs which is thick and tight on some areas of the scalp to the balding areas to form an esthetic appearance. It is a must to have some thick and tight hairs to be able to operate on the scalp.

Hair Restoration Process

The most important thing for people who wants to have this operation wonder about how to do hair transplantation. The process takes place as it follows:

After the operator decided that the candidate is suitable for the operation, it is time to trim the thick and tight hairs then the operator gives the local anesthesia for preparing the operation. Thereafter the operator remove the hair follicles which are resistive and suture the area. Sutured areas are hidden in the direction of the combing style of the patient.

Later, by the help of microscopic systems the operator monitorize the tissue for the improvements. Once the balding part of the scalp is ready for the operation, the operater position the follicles to the needed area with an irregular pattern. When the operation ended, the patient can see the balb of hairs clearly. The scars and marks will be invisible in the following weeks.

Hair Transplantation For Women

While it is a misblelief that “hair transplantation for men”, it is known that with the similar symptoms and reasons women also suffer from it. But the type of the operation is different when it comes to “hair transplantation for women”. The main difference is while the hair transplantation for men operation takes place with trimming all the hair. This process appears as trimming just the back of the head and collecting the hair follicles for women.

Hair Transplantation Products

Post-hair transplant process is also as important as the operation process. In this healing part it is crucial to use the right products, shampoos and the right treatments. Hair transplantation products is the better help for the rest of the process.

Around this products is most known treatment is the hair transplantation shampoo. The hair transplantation shampoo with its gentle formula helps to relieve and sooth the newly-operated area and helps the process of healing. An another hair transplantation treatment is the soothing oils.

This hair transplantation treatment contains different vitamins and natural oils to relax the scalp of the head and helps the feeling of irritation and also redness. The last helper hair transplantation product is the hair grower supplements which is for activating the hair follicles and quickens the hair growth.

How Much is Hair Transplant

How much is hair transplant is a frequently asked questions around the hair transplantation candidates. The answer for it can change due to the clinic, country, the operator, the type of the operation or the extras. These extras may contain transportation, accomodation etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not suitable for hair transplantation?
Althought it is a simple procedure, hair transplantion is not suitable for people who has chronic health problems.

How do i know if I am eligible for hair transplantion?
People whose hair color tone is really close to their skin tone and also the ones who have wavy hairs shows the best returns when it comes to hair transplantation.

Is the hair transplant permenant?
If it is operated on a healthy scalp, it is expected that the hair tranplantion is a permenant.