The Secret of Handsomeness: Strong Man Hairs

Man Hair Style

Man hair is one of the factors that most affecting to the image. Many mans complainant that their hair loss and not voluminous. Sometimes, hair loss occur depending hormonal problems or hereditary. There are some clue you can will make to stop this problem and help your hair look fuller!

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is usually of genetic but can also be experienced due to various diseases. It is normal close to 100 strans of hair loss per a day. If, from this more loss, it’s mean you have a loss hair problem. When you come up this problem, you must go to the a specialist. Besides that, there are different methods you can do. These are hair care, hair transplant and other methods. But, you must consult of a specialist for hair transplant process. Always, the specialist decides whether you need hair transplant or not.

The Ways of Have a Strong and Attractive Hairs

As state above, when you have a hair problems, there are a lot of methods you can will do. Below you can find all of them:

Man Hair Care

Primarily, nutrition is most important one of element for hair health. So, you can protect with true nutrition. If there’s you don’t have any hair loss problems and have not baldness, you can just do hair care. So, you have to support that with a good diet. Naturel oils are recuperativing thing to man hair. You can use naturel oil blend with a specialist suggestion.

Regular Life

Problems such as sleep irregularities and inability to eat enough can increase hair loss. But, you have to have regular life for have strong and attractive hairs. It’s possible with regular sleep and balanced diet. Besides, you need to drink plenty of water. Within regular life you can used practics there are follow this:

  • Eat healthy foods,
  • Sport,
  • Keep away from stress,
  • Regular sleep routine.

Man Hair Transplant

The best known method of hair thickening is to plant hair. So, a specialist decides whether you need to hair transplant or not. If you need to this, together need to decide the best hair transplant method for you.

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair style has been a major factor for both men and women from the past to the present. Depending on whether the hair is sparse or strong, one’s self-esteem increases or decreases. A healthy hair has also become way to look strong to the opposite today. But hair loss, especially in latest years, also causes loss of number of psychological difficulties.

Hair replacement is a apply that producing solutions while experiencing just these problems. Hair transplant is the process of planting to the hair follicle is no longer active where areas with micro-surgery methods.

Why Do Guys Get Hair Transplants?

Men have more baldness problems than women. So, guys need to more planting hair. However, man’s hair is quite appropriate for hair plantation. The thickness and types of the existing hair texture affects the operation results. Hair with strong roots is very likely to come out again.

Hair Types Man

One of the issues wondering whether the hairstyle is effective in hair transplants or not. However, hair transplants can be performed on all of the hair’s long and short hair. Sometimes, it may be

Long Hair Style Man

Sometimes, it may be areal baldness in long hair man. In this cases, plantation is performed just need to area. The results obtained are same to the other patients. So, there are not different in the results. When hair grows in bald areas, the men hairstyle also begins to form.

Short Hair Man

In respect to long hair issues, it also binding to short hair. Plantation is performed just need to area. The results obtained are same to the other patients. But there are not different in the results.

Best Hair Transplant Method of 2022

DHI and FUE known as more using in the 2022. Research shows that these two methods yield largely positive results. Let’s check on it together to this methods.


The DHI hair transplant method means “direct hair transplant.” This method is made by specialists. A hair transplant is performed along with medical pens used by special doctor. This medical pen does not allow multiple procedures. Hair transplants are reduced to a single process. This gives comfort and convenience to the hair planter.


FUE hair transplant is the most common hair transplant technique. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken individually from the region chosen as the donor area. This means that the skin is separated and implanted into the desired area. Hair follicles from the donor area are planted individually, not multiple, to the desired area.

Do Hair Transplants Make Hair Grow?

It’s possible to get your new hair back with new hair being planted instead of falling out. But the existing hair you have cannot grow with this method. But you can using to hair care methods for grow your hairs. Transplantation methods are useless for hair grow. This technique is appropriate just for baldness areas.

Man Hair Transplant Before and After

Of course, the processes are most curious of patients about are post-hair transplantation processes. What do wait those who decide to have a hair transplant?

Before The Hair Transplant

Before hair transplantation, you should have an opinion against all possibilities and learn about the whole procedure. You can get misinformation from your surroundings and social networks before process. You should remember that there are many factors in hair transplantation that affect getting results.

Here’s things to take into consideration before the hair transplant:

  • You need to stop smoking a week before the operation.
  • Must stop drink alcohol a week before the operation.
  • Do not use up coffie and caffeinated things.
  • Stop drink green tea a week before the operation.
  • You have to inform of your doctor about taking medications.
  • You need to stop put on solution or medication to on your scalp.

After The Hair Transplant

Red crusting appear in the planting area after the operation. The patient avoids this crusting by washing his head once a day after planting. Within 7-10 days, the shells are completely and the planting area recovers. With these crusts, the planted hair falls out. But in 15 days to 1 month, the patient returns to the before planting image. Then there will be no change in its appearance for as long as 3 months.

Here’s things to take into consideration after the hair transplant:

  • Stay away from the heavy lifting that will you tired.
  • Don’t get enter stressful environments.
  • If you have a lot of pain, contact your doctor.
  • Learn more about the hair wash products and application you’ve been given.
  • Use the shampoos regularly and correct.
  • Preserve the processing area from trauma and blows.

You can contact Erdem Clinic call centre for more information about hair transplant operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a bald man get hair transplant?

Yes, they can. But, Donor hair root is hard to find in people who are completely bald. It’s rapid planting occurs by taking hair and hair roots that exist in people with sparse hair.

Is it painful to have hair transplant?

No, a hair plantation is not painful. Under no circumstances will pain and pain be felt as the operation will be carried out under local anaesthetic.

Are hair implants safe?

Transactions at doctor’s control, trusted centres and with the support of a specialist team are fully secure.