Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

The most curious question of patients who are thinking about hair transplant question is, ‘Is a hair transplant painful?’. We also encounter this question very often. However, it would be wrong to say that this procedure is completely painless. However, thanks to developing technologies, the risks of patients feeling pain during the procedure have been greatly reduced. If you pay attention to some important points in the process, you will experience a very comfortable process.

Why is Hair Transplantation Preferred?

Generally, in patients with hair loss problems, baldness problems may occur in the future. Most of the patients who lick this problem prefer hair transplantation. The reason for this is that a high rate of successful results is obtained after hair transplantation. At the same time, the fact that the results obtained are permanent makes this process very attractive. 4

However, recently, Elon Musk hair transplant has been searched a lot on the internet. The reason for this is that Elon Musk lost his hair and had a hair transplant as a solution to this, which attracted the attention of the whole world. Elon Musk has achieved positive results after hair transplantation. This situation increased the confidence of patients who were considering hair transplantation. Therefore, many people who have baldness problems can easily apply this procedure.

Is Hair Transplant Painful?

Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

Hair plantation is an application that takes 5-6 hours. The procedure is to transfer healthy hair grafts taken from the area where healthy hair is located, which is the upper side of the neck, to the sparse area. Since anesthesia will be applied during the procedure, no pain is felt. However, there may be a headache from the procedure, albeit rarely. This is a normal situation. In the following days, the patient quickly enters the healing process and no pain is felt. In addition, the same is true for beard transplants or eyebrow transplants.

Hair Transplant Methods

Three different hair replacement methods are generally applied all over the world. These are:

FUT Method

FUT hair transplantation is the process of removing the hair follicles from the donor area in a strip. In FUE hair implants, this process is provided by collecting individual hair follicles and transplanting the hair transplant to the balding area. Strips removed in the FUT technique can leave marks on the donor area.

FUE Method

In the FUE hair transplant, the hair follicles are taken one by one from the region selected as the donor region, that is, separated from the skin and implanted in the desired area. The hair follicles taken from the donor area are transplanted into the desired area one by one in the same way, not collectively.

DHI Method

DHI hair restoration means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. In DHI hair transplant, grafts are collected thanks to the medical pen called Choi, which should only be used by experts, and then the hair taken by this pen is placed directly into the skin without opening an incision or channel.

Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

Is There Pain After Hair Transplant?

Your hair transplantation process takes between 6-8 hours. However, there are some rules that you should follow before this procedure so that you do not feel pain after the procedure. If you do not follow these rules, this very simple process may be uncomfortable for you. First of all, let’s talk about how hair transplantation processes progress.

When you decide to have a hair transplant, you will choose the most suitable clinic for you. Then, when you go to the clinic, your doctor will examine you and determine a suitable day for the procedure. The procedure is usually done as soon as possible, but this period can sometimes take up to a week. This is because there are some applications that you need to do a week before the procedure. For example, caffeine, restricting smoking and alcohol use or quitting altogether.

For the best hair transplant, you should stop taking blood thinners or similar drugs at least a week before the procedure. However, you will need to follow all of your doctor’s instructions. Apart from these, your process takes approximately 6-8 hours. Depending on your needs, your doctor performs hair transplantation in one or two sessions. If one session is enough for you, you can return home. The most important thing you need to do after the procedure is to protect your scalp from impact. At the same time, you need to stay away from areas such as the sauna, pool, or sea for a month.

Hair Transplant Prices

Another question that patients who are thinking of having hair transplantation are most curious about other than the question “Is a hair transplant painful?” is the question “How much is the price of hair transplantation?”. Hair transplant prices usually vary according to the center where the procedure will be performed. This is due to the high-tech devices that health centers have and the experience of the doctor who is there. However, hair transplant costs in Turkey are much more affordable than in other countries. For this reason, the majority of patients abroad prefer Turkey for hair transplants. Because here they can find the opportunity to get both an affordable and very high-quality service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it painful to have a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is not a painful operation. For a painless and painless hair transplantation operation, local anesthesia, which is successfully applied in many surgeries today, is used. Thanks to this, the patient does not feel any pain during transplantation. Another advantage of local anesthesia is that it does not put you to sleep during the operation.

Is hair transplant anesthesia painful?

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. You may feel a very slight pain during local anesthesia. However, this takes a very short time. You will not feel pain thanks to anesthesia throughout the procedure.

How much does it pain after a hair transplant?

The pain after a hair transplant usually passes in 4-5 days and the pain is not severe. The passing of the feeling of drowsiness may vary. While it usually disappears within 8-10 days, the feeling of numbness in some patients can continue up to once a year.