Hair Transplantation in Summer: A Good Idea or a Bad One

One of the most frequently asked questions by Erdem Clinic’s patients with the desire for hair transplantation is “Can I have hair transplantation in summer?”.

The season that instinctually motivates us to have our best look is drawing close. Summer also means a getaway from our work and professional occupations. As the country offers a splendid summertime experience!

Which Season is Best for Hair Transplantation?

The summer season is when the sun abundantly grants its warmth. As a result, we sweat and are exposed to UV rays. So, it is natural to have worries about having a hair transplant during this season of the year. But, you don’t need to be afraid even a bit!

When you get a hair transplantation in the summer, you need to follow some simple instructions enough. In addition to this, winter is most appropriate for hair transplants. Because the risks you will face in this season are less than in summer. As a result, as we say the winter is most appropriate for hair transplants.

Two major interconnected factors are crucial in hair transplantation during summer. These are oversensitive hair follicles and scalp healing processes. You will see a notable redness on your scalp after a hair transplant procedure. This situation will experience the tiny incisions that are made during the operation. But, don!t worry about this. Because these rashes will pass by themselves.

Best Age for Hair Transplant

Hair Transplantation in Summer: A Good Idea or a Bad One

The normal age range is between 18 and 65 years of age. Hair transplants were performed between these ages. You will give much more successful results in these ages. Hair transplant processes can also be performed for people outside this age range, if necessary, with the approval of a specialist.

Before Hair Transplant

Before hair transplant surgery you should inform your hair transplant specialist about your health problems. If you have a health problem, don’t forget to consult your doctor about the operation.

We advised that you don’t consume alcohol before the operation. During the operation, we use medications that will have a local anesthetic effect. You should limit alcohol intake ten days before. Because alcohol interaction with these medications. Therefore, it’s dangerous.

We advised that you stop smoking a week before the operation. Smoking slows blood flow on the scalp. In addition, the veins can become narrower. So, this can prevent the growth of the transplanted hair and its healthy development. For all these reasons, you should stop smoking 1-2 days before the operation and 7-10 days after the transplant.

Hair Transplant Aftercare

Hair Transplantation in Summer: A Good Idea or a Bad One

The aftercare process starts before the surgery. We ask all we need to know about your health. Therefore, medical history to ensure we can tailor the entire process to you. Shock hair loss can occur after hair transplantation in summer. Shock loss, which begins to appear two or three weeks after the operation. You don’t require worry. Because the hair that has fallen out starts to grow again within two months. To avoid these processes, you must perform the aftercare properly.

Vitamin Supplements

Vitamins A, E, and D are the best vitamins for hair care. The degree of effect of each of these vitamin groups on the hair is so changeable. Especially B vitamins are very often recommended after the operation. In addition, natural products are recommended as a basic supplement for anyone who wants to lose or care for hair.

Dietary supplements such as amino acids should not be taken within one month after the hair transplant process. Or else, the hair follicles may sluggish and the hair transplant may fail.

Diet of Hair Transplant in Summer

Hair transplantation should be evaluated as a whole with the before and after the operative process. Using nutrients, vitamins, or minerals that aid hair growth after surgery is crucial. Besides as well as cigarettes, alcohol, etc., adversely affect the healing process. When viewed from this angle; Vitamins and minerals that affect hair growth positively are determined. And it is necessary to plan the meals that contain the nutrients that contain these vitamins and minerals.

Sunbathe of Hair Transplant in Summer

Sunbathing is not a healthy activity during the healing process. And you should be avoided until the healing process is complete from this activity. We also don’t suggest swimming in the sea or pool until you have completed the healing process.

Sweating of Hair Transplant in Summer

The usual daily sweating is no problem. But if you have strong sweating heavy physical activities are prohibited. Those rules apply to both, hair operations in summer and winter. Thus, one can say that hair operation is independent of the weather and seasons.

The sport of Hair Transplant in Summer

As noted above, if you have strong sweating heavy physical activities are prohibited. Especially, this summer. Don’t join in contact sports or other activities where you should touch your scalp. Follow-up care is an integral part of the healing process. Therefore, please consult your doctor about will yo do activities.

Best Time of Year for Hair Transplant

Hair transplants can be done in summer or winter. But, the best time of year for this process is in the winter months. The reason is less exposure to sun rays and problems such as sweating during the winter months.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in Turkey has become an incredibly popular process to have in the lastest times. The most frequent operations are hair transplants with DHI and FUE techniques. However, if you pick an unreliable clinic, you could be disappointed with the results. And you need to pay more to have the work fixed. That’s why you need to investigate the clinic you’re going to be processing well in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which weather is good for a hair transplant?

Cold weather is the best time for a hair transplant. But provided it’s not too cold. You will not sweat much because of the cooler weather in winter. In these times much easier to keep your scalp clean.

Does sweating affect hair transplants?

If you’re worried about problems caused by sweat for a hair transplant, you can relax. Sweating will not damage the transplanted hair.

Can I sunbathe after a hair transplant?

You should wait to protect your scalp from the sun. You need to for a minimum of four months after hair transplantation in summer.