Change Your Life with the Correct Hair Transplant

The correct hair transplant is made using the most appropriate method for you. After the necessary examinations, you will decide what method to apply with your expert. So, who is the best suited for these processes? How does performing a hair transplant with the right methods change your life? You can check out our article to find out!

What is a Hair Transplant?

Hairstyle has been a major factor for both men and women from the past to the present. Depending on whether the hair is sparse or strong, one’s self-esteem increases or decreases. Healthy hair has also become a way to look strong to the opposite today. So hair loss, especially in latest years, also causes loss of several psychological difficulties.

Hair replacement is an application that produces solutions while experiencing just these problems. A hair transplant is a process of planting the hair follicle that is no longer active where areas with micro-surgery methods are.

What Is the Right Process for Me?

If you’re thinking of hair transplant surgery, you may have researched the best hair transplant methods. In fact, instead of talking about the best method, we can talk about the best method according to the person. Because everyone has a different specialty. In this case, one method may not be suitable for everyone.

Before choosing the best method of hair transplantation, try to do some research. You have to understand the fundamentals of this process. It’s hard to decide how without understanding hair transplants. Besides, you need to listen to your doctor.

Frequent Techniques

Change Your Life with the Correct Hair Transplant

First, you need to know that two hair transplant methods are common. There are FUE (follicular unit extraction) and DHI (direct hair transplant) hair transplant methods. Each of the methods has different benefits. So even if you more like the idea of FUE, it may not be a good option for you. Instead, the DHI can get much better results.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)

The DHI hair transplant method means “direct hair transplant.” This method is made by specialists. A hair transplant is performed along with medical pens used by the special doctor. This medical pen does not allow multiple procedures. Hair transplants are reduced to a single process. This gives comfort and convenience to the hair planter.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

The hair transplant fue is the most common hair transplant technique. In the FUE method, hair follicles are taken individually from the region chosen as the donor area. This means that the skin is separated and implanted into the desired area. Hair follicles from the donor area are planted individually, not multiply, to the desired area.

Correct Hair Transplant Steps

Change Your Life with the Correct Hair Transplant

The hair-planting steps consist of six phases. These steps are; preparation planning, anesthetic, graft taking, opening channels, and planting hair follicles.

Preparing for an Operation

Steps in hair transplantation begin with a blood test, hair analysis, and hair shaving on the day of the procedure. It is then proceeded to the planning stage and calculated by which area the amount of graft should be planted. Then the front hairline separation for the hair is determined and the operation begins.

How is Hair Correct Transplant Done?

It is added to the patient’s healthy hair to the hair loss area. Hair transplants are planned and applied entirely tailor-made. Through a correct hair transplant operation, the patient’s hair follicles, which are usually shedding-resistant in the nape area, are collected and planted in dilution or in ducts that open up in parts that have been completely shed.

After Correct Hair Transplantation

The operation’s first day consists of rash crusting in the cultivation area. Patients avoid this crusting by washing their heads per day after the operation. Within 7-10 days, the crusts are completely crusted and the planting area recovers. With these crusts, the planted hair falls out. So the patient returns to the pre-planting on the image. Then there will be no change in its appearance for as long as three months.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Change Your Life with the Correct Hair Transplant

A hair transplant in Turkey is a treatment that has been implemented for 20 years to end the hair loss problem that started with hair loss. The problem of hair loss also presents a variety of psychological problems while shaking self-esteem. So, the self-esteem problem, which begins with signs of introversion and timidity, can affect every aspect of our lives by causing other communication problems.

Health tourism, which has been highly mobile in recent years, is based on patients visiting from different countries for treatment. Among the countries with the highest number of visitors in the field of health tourism, In Turkey tops the cities; Istanbul is at the front. So, 1\3 of the tourists that Turkey hosted for treatment during the year prefer Turkey for correct hair transplants and plastic surgery operations.

Expectations and Recovery

Hair transplantation is a process completed in exactly one year, along with before and after planting. Hair transplantation occurs after the operation, flushing and scabbing, shattering of shells, and shock shedding processes take place. These processes are perfectly normal. It is within a year of the full hair being planted and the success of the treatment being fully visible.

Rushing and Crusting: Hair transplantation is done by planting grafts from the donor area individually into the target area. After this procedure, rushes occur on the skin. After the operation, crusting occurs during the recovery process of this area. The crusts that form are crusted for up to fifteen days.

Shock Lossing Process: One to three months after crust shedding, the shock shedding phase occurs. New hair strand production begins, with the remaining parts of hair planted by shock shedding on the skin. Hair follicles planted during the shock-shedding phase are undamaged.

Points to Take Into Consideration

There are several important considerations to look out for after hair transplants. Your attention to these is necessary for the hair transplant operation to produce successful results. It’s also important for you to have a quality recovery process. The general advice given by doctors to patients includes:

Stay away from the heavy lifting that will you tired.
Don’t get enter stressful environments.
If you have a lot of pain, contact your doctor.
Learn more about the hair wash products and applications you’ve been given.
Use the shampoos regularly and correctly.
Preserve the processing area from trauma and blows.

Hair Transplant Cost

The most important thing to point. The experience of the doctor who will carry out the procedure. Because this is more important than anything else. But in all conditions, hair transplants in Turkey are lower paid than in European countries.

Istanbul hair transplant prices vary according to the clinic where the procedure will be performed as stated above. But in Turkey, the best hair transplant clinics are located here. The prices of the clinic vary according to the experience of the health workers. It is also decisive medical equipment used whether the latest technology or not the in prices.

Correct Hair Transplantation at The Erdem Clinic

In Erdem Clinic performed three hair planting techniques. These are the DHI, FUE, and DHI techniques. All procedures are performed by hair transplant specialist doctors. So patients, don’t wait too long in the processes. They feel very comfortable and well here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which hair transplant method is best?

The DHI technique is more favored by surgeons. This technique both provides faster recovery time and allows for better results in hair transplantation. With this technique, the hair doesn’t need to be shaved.

What is the best age for a hair transplant?

Research shows that the average age of 40 is the optimal age for hair transplants in men. Because, many men with hair loss problems have their hair reach its final shape at the age of 40, meaning it stops hair loss.

Who should not get a hair transplant?

Hair transplants are not applied to those who with have infectious diseases and those under age 18.

Are hair transplants worth it?

Yes. Because these processes are substantially brought to a successful conclusion. It’s worth trying.