Can I Drive After Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is not a procedure that requires you to stay in the hospital. Therefore, after the procedure, you need to go to your home or hotel. At this point, driving after a hair transplant can be dangerous for you. Because the anesthesia given to you during the procedure causes you to feel dizzy for a while after the procedure.

What is a Hair Transplant?

The surgical procedure performed to restore the diluted or lost hair to its former appearance with different techniques is the answer to the question of what is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation, which is generally preferred by people who are uncomfortable with their external appearance regardless of age range and who feel a lack of self-confidence, is a procedure that is widely performed in our country and the world.

Is Hair Transplant New Technology?

A hair transplant is a treatment method that is not very old. It was first applied in Japan in the 1930s. For this reason, it is seen as a new technology. It is now applied as a permanent and effective treatment preferred by people with sparse hair all over the world.

Drive After Hair Transplant Surgery

Driving after a hair transplant can be dangerous for you. Because this procedure is performed under sedation. The effect of sedation remains for at least 12 hours after the procedure. Of course, these effects continue to be mildly severe. Therefore, you may experience impaired concentration and distraction after the procedure. For this reason, we do not recommend driving.

Can You Drive After Having a Hair Transplant?

Most of the patients who will have hair transplantation (especially those who have their vehicle) often ask the question ‘Can I drive after a hair transplant’. Since this is not a procedure that requires you to stay in the hospital, you can return to your home or hotel on the same day. Therefore, especially patients who have cars want to go to their homes or hotel with these vehicles. However, it is useful for someone else to use your vehicle. For this, it is good to bring a relative with you when you come for hair transplantation surgery.

If you do not have such a possibility, you can return to your home or hotel by taxi. However, hair transplants in Turkey are very well organized, especially for patients coming from abroad. This organization also includes the transfer of patients to their hotels before and after the procedure. So, if you are coming to Turkey from abroad for a hair transplantation operation, you will not have to drive after the procedure. Because the health center you are going to organizes it.

Can You Drive a Bike After Hair Transplant?

Can I Drive After Hair Transplant

Patients who have hair transplantation are curious about riding a bicycle as well as driving. Doctors often ask patients, “Can I drive a bike after a hair transplant”. However, just like driving home after a hair transplant, cycling can be dangerous for you. At the same time, this can cause you to sweat excessively because you will spend more effort than usual while riding a bike.

Excessive sweating after a hair transplant is also not recommended by doctors. That’s because sweating excessively can damage your grafts. For this reason, we recommend that you wait at least a month to ride a bicycle after hair transplantation. One month after the procedure, there is no harm in riding a light bike.

How long after a Hair Transplant is Grafts Secure?

The issue of driving after a hair transplant and before is a subject that patients are very interested in. As we mentioned above about this, we do not recommend driving after the procedure. However, there is no harm in driving a car before the procedure. The reason why driving after hair transplantation is dangerous is that you will feel the mild effects of anesthesia for a while after the procedure.

Drive after hair transplant at home

We do not recommend driving for at least 24 hours after hair transplantation. But if you need to drive during your time at home after this time, you can do it. Because the risky period in terms of anesthesia after the procedure is 24 hours. These risks are generally limited to drowsiness, impaired concentration, and distraction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drive after a hair transplant?
Within 12 hours immediately after hair transplantation, you should stay away from driving and other work that requires attention. For 3 days after hair transplantation; avoid stress, excessive excitement, sports, sexual intercourse, alcohol, and smoking.

How many days after a hair transplant can I sleep normally?
It is recommended to lie on a hard and small pillow for 15 days after the hair transplantation procedure, and there is no harm in the patient lying on the nape of the neck where the hair follicles were taken for transplantation. After 15 days, you can sleep normally.

How long before grafts are secure after a hair transplant?
I think the first 30 days are very critical because the grafts adapt very well to their new location after 30 days. It is very difficult for them to get out of their place afterward. Nothing happens to the grafts with small touches or hats etc. contact. Of course, it may take a few more days for the crusts on the grafts to be completely cleaned, but after 30 days, the possibility of something going well is very low and patients can move easily.