It is possible to go to the beach after hair transplant. But as long as a number of very important cares are taken. Can I go swimming after hair transplantation? The answer is as follows:

Many people wonder whether they can swim or do sports after hair transplantation. Both in the sea and in the pool. We should not forget that hair transplantation is a surgical operation that requires care. So it is necessary to comply with certain times and take certain precautions. Also it’s important to point out a more specific aspect like bathing in salt water.

It is true that most people take advantage of summer vacations to carry out this type of intervention. So we will show below a detailed explanation of beach bathing. It is something you should consider to better maintain the condition of your hair and avoid any event.

Can I Go to the Beach After Hair Transplant?

Although doctors in the past recommended swimming in the sea to speed up the healing and the healing of wounds, it is no longer recommended for hair surgery procedures, as the salt helps disinfect and speed up the process.

This is because of the pollution levels that exist in the ocean today, which poses a risk of infection in recovery areas. Therefore, they do not help our hair after the intervention.

Also, the scalp is still very sensitive in the postoperative period. Substances such as saltpeter can affect the normal hair cycle. Remember that you may have minor wounds in the transplant area. And they are vulnerable to infections, as it mentioned above.

Therefore, if you are wondering that “if I can swim in the sea after having a hair transplant” your answer is no.

Is it possible to Wear a Bonnet After Hair Transplant?

It is possible to think that the bonnet is a very logical remedy to prevent the head or transplanted hair from getting wet. But the truth is that its use is not recommended at all.

You would not consider about the first weeks after hair transplantation. wearing a hat, neither normal nor much less swimming pool bonnet. These place noticeable pressure on the scalp, and the fact of both wearing and removing them can compromise the adaptation of the transplanted follicular units.

For the first month, try not to immerse your head in water for any reason. It’s a small price to pay for the hair you’ve been waiting for so long. After that, you are free to dive into the sea and swim freely.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we go for swimming after hair transplant?
It is important to follow your doctor’s consultancy. Experts advices that not to touch water (sea, pool etc.) before the recovery process ends. Your medical professional will in all likelihood tell you to preserve the surgical areas dry and free of contaminants till it’s far fully healed. you could must wait up to 4 months to head swimming in a pool, depending on the character of your transplant manner.

Can I bath on sea after hair transplant?
As far as returning to fresh water or saltwater for a swim, sufferers are adviced to wait until the scabs alongside the scalp have all fallen off on their own. By this time, the scalp can be healed sufficient to keep away from contamination from a dip inside the lake or the ocean.

When can I use a sauna after hair transplant?
Avoiding any activity which making you to sweat is a must. So sauna is something you have to wait until you fully recover.