10 Beauty Secrets From Erdem Clinic

Thanks to practical beauty methods, it is possible to look very well without spending a lot of time. We have compiled for you the beauty secrets that our plastic surgeons at Erdem Clinic only share with their patients.

What are The Beauty Secrets?

Both men and women necessarily desire to have a good appearance. There are also a lot of people who believe that it is necessary to spend a lot of time to achieve this appearance. However, it is possible to get the ideal beauty with a daily of routine while maintaining only your skin health. The best beauty advice from our plastic surgeons outpaces the barbara palvin beauty secrets or hailey baldwin beauty secrets, which we watch with appreciation every day.

What are The Best Beauty Tips?

There are 10 tips we’ll give you to achieve the ideal beauty. When you follow these recommendations regularly, you will notice a significant change in yourself. But it is important to make a habit of these recommendations. That is, if you stop following these recommendations after getting the look you want, your skin health may deteriorate or you can go back to the old days when you didn’t like yourself again.

Here are 10 tips for achieving the ideal beauty, regardless of whether it’s a man or a woman:

1- Skin Care Saviors

Some problems occur on our skin due to factors such as stress, smoking, insomnia, and air pollution in our daily lives. These are temporary or permanent problems such as black spots, wrinkles, and pimples. To get rid of these problems, men and women now prefer more natural skin products. The recommendations of our specialist doctors for routine skin care are as follows:

  • Wash your skin with clean water or rose water at least twice a day.
  • Apply exfoliation to your face before going to sleep to regenerate cells.
  • You can apply a steam bath to your face once or twice a week. This keeps your pores open.
  • Use skin care masks to suit your skin for black spot cleaning. We recommend using these masks twice a week.
  • It is important that your skin remains moist to maintain your skin health. Therefore, use skin care cream daily.

As a result, you need to wash your face every day and then use skin care cream. You only need to do applications such as masks and peeling twice a week.

2-Healthy Makeup Routine

You need to have a healthy makeup routine to maintain the health of your skin and get the ideal beauty. The makeup routines recommended by our experts for you are:

  • Always apply sunscreen or nutritious cream to your skin before applying your make-up.
  • The makeup products you use should be clinically tested and contain mineral products.
  • Be sure to clean your makeup before going to sleep. If you sleep without cleaning your makeup, your pores will become clogged, and as a result, you may face premature aging and other skin problems.
  • Clean your skin before applying your make-up. Then apply the moisturizer, which is most suitable for your skin. This moisturizing will create a protective layer between your skin and makeup products. Good make-up increases the permanence of some makeup, as well as beautifies the appearance of makeup, and supports the skin.
  • Do not use makeup products that belong to a friend or someone else. Stay away from trial products in stores that have been contacted many times by others. Pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of auxiliary products such as brushes, etc. that you use for makeup.
  • Keep in mind that your hands should also be clean before applying makeup.
  • To maintain the properties of make-up products, they need to be protected from high humidity, heat, and light. Make-up products that are not properly stored will lose their properties in a short time and can harm your health.

3-Protect Your Skin in The Sun

10 Beauty Secrets From Erdem Clinic

Did you know that the Russian women’s beauty secret is to use the right and regular sunscreen? We can’t say that their genetic traits are not effective in their beauty, but they have some methods to protect their skin health. Our experts reported that they found that it was very effective for Russian patients to use sunscreen regularly, especially based on the data they collected on skin health. It is very important to avoid the sun’s rays to maintain skin health together.

To protect your skin from the sun’s rays, you need to apply sunscreen every two hours of the day. Leaving aside Russian beauty secrets, one of the essential conditions for actually healthy skin is the regular use of sunscreen. For this, you will need to find the sunscreen that best suits your skin. Perhaps it would be appropriate for you to seek help from a dermatologist.

4-Beauty Secrets Products

10 Beauty Secrets From Erdem Clinic

A patient recently told me that she found a beauty secret shop. Don’t believe it! You don’t need a shop full of secrets to get an ideal beauty. For this, you only need to use the right products regularly. On top of all this, it is worth noting that you should contact a dermatologist to determine a routine maintenance plan. Your dermatologist will find and recommend the right products and the most accurate implementation plans for you.

5-Healthy Hair

Another of the secrets of being a beautiful man or woman is having healthy and strong hair. For this, you will need to set yourself a hair care routine on a weekly and monthly basis. You can use natural oils for your hair care. The oils that are best for hair include coconut oil, argan oil, ylang oil, almond oil, and olive oil. You can do your weekly care by preparing a mixture of these oils. But make sure you are not allergic to any of these oils.

6-Natural Care Products

If you’re aware, there’s only one thing we’ve said since the beginning of our article. Care, care, and care! One of the essential conditions of having an ideal beauty is care. For this, you need to use the most natural products. Because unnatural care products will not benefit you. Make sure that the products you use in the treatments you apply to your hair, body, and face are always natural. Do not forget to scrunch in every bath for your body. If you remove your dead skin from your body, you will have healthier and younger skin.

7-Healthy Eating

One of the beauty tips is a healthy diet. Make sure you have vitamin and mineral-heavy foods in your diet. A skin devoid of vitamins and minerals is unfortunately doomed to premature aging. However, abundant water consumption allows you to have brighter skin. That is why we recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water per day.

8-Staying at a Healthy Weight

As you can imagine, if you weigh more than your ideal weight, you won’t have a very pleasant look. Beware, we are not talking about a standard weight here and all over the world. We recommend that you stay at the weight that is ‘best for you’, that is, the healthiest for you. In this way, you can be in the best shape both medically and in appearance.

9- Attention to Your Body Cleaning

Beauty is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of beauty, but the truth is not. Remember that a beautiful man or woman also means a man or woman with a clean body. The ideal in this regard is to shower at least three times a week and do regular monthly hair cleaning. And don’t forget to find the perfume that suits you best. An impressive and privileged fragrance has the power to make you look like a wonder of the world.

10-Meet a Plastic Surgeon or Beautician

Is everything ok, including your daily care routines, healthy eating habits, and ideal weight? And you’re still not happy with the image you have when you’ve done all this? In this case, the ideal idea we can offer you is to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon. Sometimes certain parts of our body don’t have the beauty to satisfy us no matter what we do. In this case, a good plastic surgeon can give you the image of your dreams. Don’t be nervous about it. If you want to have a better nose or a more shaped body, it is your natural right to act now.

It is a luxury that can achieve beauty. Don’t forget that. Erdem Clinic plastic surgeons will research the ideal application for you and meet your expectations. Contact us for more beauty information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are natural beauty tips?

The only secret of natural beauty is the skin cleansing and care you will do regularly. As we mentioned above, wash your skin daily and apply moisturizers that best suit you. Do your skincare weekly and monthly.

What should we apply on the face at night?

Before you go to sleep at night, what you need to do first is to remove your skin from makeup. After a good skin cleansing, you can apply a tonic. For this, take care to use natural products such as almond milk or rose water. Be sure to moisturize your skin after this application.

Can I put milk on my face overnight?

You can apply milk to your skin, provided that it is natural. The benefits of applying milk to your face before going to sleep are deep nutrition and full moisturization. Leaving milk on your face during the night helps you achieve fresh, moated, and naturally glowing smooth skin in the morning.