For men, beard and moustache are very important as well as the hair. They play significant role in terms of external appearance and self confidence.

Beard and moustache hair quality and density also determined by genetics. Most of men do not have such problem, but rarely beard and moustache loss can take place due to ;

Skin diseases as traumas and burns

Congenital hair deficiency

Alopecia areata

Post folliculitis scaring

Hormonal imbalance.


Basically, this procedure resembles hair transplant by micro FUE method. Likewise, first the doctor examines the recipient area and check the number of grafts can be taken from the donor area. If it is eligible, these hair grafts are extracted and transplanted to the recipient area one by one. Local anesthesia might be a little painful because of its application site.

Patient can receive PRP treatment and clean his face at the clinic just a day after the procedure.

There may be some post operative swelling which would disappear over a couple of days.

After a week, he can have the natural look of beard or moustache.

Donor area recovers in 15 days, and the final results can be seen in 6 months.

Scabs will be present for 10-15 days.

Patient can use shaving machine after a month, and razor blade after 6 months.